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Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night

December 24, 2006

I just wrote a whole nice long blog about how happy I was this Christmas season and then when I tried to copy a link into it went away. Suck…

The moral of the story was: I’ve really enjoyed this holiday season. I wish I could have soaked it up a little more. It’s the first Christmas in years when I’ve really enjoyed the festivity of it all. The music. The decorations. I haven’t dreaded the presents or the buying of them because this is the first Christmas in years I haven’t had to use credit cards to buy gifts. I can buy them knowing I won’t be in the hole next month. It’s a blessing. I’m blessed to be spending time with most of my family tomorrow and a lot of my friends. I’m blessed that my family likes each other. That we can all be together (apart from geography) and have a good time. I’ve been sitting here this afternoon wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, and drinking a peppermint mocha latte that Jamie brought me (he’s the best). I was supposed to work at 6:55 but for some reason they changed it to 8. I get a little less sleep but I don’t really care.

I love this website I really like the ones from today. Some are sad. Some are happy. Some are hopeful. It’s good to be reminded how good I have it. Some people have such a hard time around this time of the year, and all I can say is that I have absolutely no reason to complain.

I need to get ready to go to work. I hope you are all happy and able to celebrate Jesus’s birth with someone you love.

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