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Funkiness of the blog

December 18, 2006

I think I’m in a blog funk. I’ve also been pretty busy lately and when I’m not working or going I don’t feel like writing.

I’m in the Hampton Inn in Cinci. This hotel is sooo nice. I wish all our hotels were this nice. My room has 2 beds. One has soft pillows and the other has firm. And there are little cards on each bed just to make sure you know which is which.

I got a new pair of jeans the other day. They’re Sevens and I love them. They’re also European sizes so I can’t tell if I should feel bad or good by the number in the back so I just feel good cause I like the way they fit me. That makes me happy. I also got some yummy pj pants and lounge pants. At least Old Navy can get something right. I spent a ridiculously long day Friday looking for said items. Also got some more of my Christmas shopping done. It has been confirmed that I’m not completely a girl cause I don’t really like shopping. Oh well.

I’m excited about not working much next week. I put in my bids for next month today and am once again nervous about what I’ll get. Except for Sunday night and early early Monday morning I’m off from Friday afternoon to next Friday. I ended up swapping and working this weekend cause one of the two flight attendants at our company that I don’t like picked up my trip last week. It would’ve been four days of misery. Not that these last few days have been sunshine and roses. I honestly can’t complain that much though. The weather’s been great. We’ve been on time. My crew is nice. I just don’t feel like being here. I think I realized one reason I’m enjoying work so much more – I’ve been working on the 70 where there are 2 flight attendants. I’m working alone on this 3 day and it’s killing me. Though I may be in a metal tube with 20-50 other people, sometimes I don’t have a single conversation all day. It can get lonely. (I don’t think the old guy today saying “Can I tell you that you are really beautiful” counts. What if I had said no? It did kind of make me laugh until he wouldnt’ stop looking at me for the ENTIRE flight. Not glancing at me. Just sitting and looking at the constantly. Gentlemen, that’s when you go from flattering to CREEPY.)

Today when I was feeling lousy I got my laptop out and played Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity”. It actually made me feel better. It’s such a fabulous song. Or maybe it was the tea that is said to make you feel like you’ve been sitting out in the sunshine with your shoes off for 45 minutes… Who knows..

I can’t wait to be home around Christmas. Joy is home now. Roya is home too. My daddy will be off work. The roommates will be off work. What more can one ask for in life?

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