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ode to mini marshmallows in coffee

December 13, 2006

As glad as I am that I’m not addicted to coffee, sometimes I wish I could just drink coffee like normal people. That is, drinking coffee that actually tastes like coffee. Not coffee that has been so tampered with that you can barely recognize its presence.

I got in from work late last night, ate, fell asleep watching tv on the couch, finally went to bed and was all twitchy so I had a hard time sleeping. I kept waking up this morning which for some reason made me think that I was rested. Got up around 845 to go to the doctor. Drove 45 min round trip for a 2 minute visit. I guess I shouldnt’ complain cause it was only 2 minutes cause I didn’t have to wait like I normally do. I was still feeling awake so I went by Marshall’s and got so sleepy I wanted to take a nap before I drove home. Hence the reason for the sugar-flavored creamer-mini marshmallow loaded coffee.

I have really been loving the weather these last few days. I realized the other day that I blog about the weather a lot, but I think it’s because it has such a big impact on the way I feel. Lately I’ve been noticing the change from the bright blue skies of fall to the cloudy, whitish skies of winter. I’m okay with it too (not that me not being okay with it would change anything). Monday I left for work wearing short sleeves and carrying only my sweater. It was such a nice change from the low teens and twenties temps of last week.

My day has suddenly been given direction so I must go follow.

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