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Happiness is Lindt dark chocolate truffles

December 5, 2006

I like the part where I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning and I’m eating lots of chocolate. My little brother is fabulous and bought me Lindt truffles – the 60% extra dark chocolate kind as well.I’m also watching That 70s Show and going to go to bed soon. I like not working :-D.

I forgot to tell something really great that happened to me the other day. When Adri and I went to the mall on Saturday the first thing we did was go to the food court. She wanted Chinese and I wanted a burger so we split. I got in line at Johnny Rockets and decided I was at the Mall of America so I guess I could splurge and spend $9.50 on a burger and a shake. Not even fries. Just burger and shake. I’m getting ready to pay and a realize that I left my debit card in my uniform pocket. I tell the lady I couldn’t find my card and I’d come back – was going to get Adri and bum from her. The lady behind me in line asked if I had ordered. I said yes but that I had left my card in my other coat so I’d come back. She told the lady to just put it in with hers. I argued with her but she wouldn’t listen. Her total was $35 and some change for me, her and her two daughters and she gave the lady $40 and said to keep the change. I felt really bad and moochy but she just told me that it had happened to her and Merry Christmas. It made me happy to realize that some people still are really nice to strangers for no reason.

Today Peter and I went to the doctor at 615 this morning. I had to get something minor done to my foot but evidently they still felt the need to put me to sleep. It was really funny when I was waking up. I vaguely remember saying random things. Asking them if the crackers they gave me afterwards were Captain’s Wafers( (the kind we serve on our flights), asking the lady if she was offended that Peter referred to her as a black lady… Who knows what else I said. I felt so good though. I came home and slept until about 4:30pm, only waking up once. Since then I have moved to the couch, eaten Zaxby’s and chocolate, watched lots of tv and now I’m going back to bed.

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