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All shopped out.. :-)

December 3, 2006

What a lovely few days I’ve had… See, when I’m happy and busy I hardly write. When I’m grouchy and bored I write all the time. So I guess that means for the most part no news is good news.

I just saw Adri off to the airport. My flight doesn’t leave for a few more hours so I’ve just been sitting here at the hotel, browsing open time and listening to Andy Stanley’s sermons online. I heard the first sermon in a series called “Pause” last month and have been wanting to know how the rest of it went. The series is about temptation. It’s really awesome and has given me a really different perspective on things. He says that temptation isn’t just about your self control. It’s about how much faith you have in God. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, the devil didn’t tempt him to do evil things. He tempted Him to meet His legitimate needs in a way that would displease God. It wasn’t about whether He could do the things the devil tempted him to do (turn stones into bread). It was about whether He trusted God to come through a provide for the natural needs God had given Him.

Anyhoo… Minneapolis is nearly the coldest place I’ve ever been. This morning I was outside for about 30 seconds. My hair was wet from the shower (smart move, Grace) and during that time it froze stiff. It was so weird. When we got here yesterday it was 15 degrees. There were a few snow flurries today but nothing significant. It was so much fun to have Adri come up with me. Last night while we were eating I realized I was also “working” and it didn’t feel like it at all. Just felt like I was hanging out in Minn with my friend. We went to the Mall of America which is absolutely ridiculous. We would go different ways to get to stores we wanted to see and come around a corner and see a whole different part of the mall we’d never come across before. I still don’t think I’ve seen half of it and I’ve been there 3 times now. We rode a roller coaster, bought fuzzy socks, ate a lot, bought Lindt chocolate, and just had a lovely time.

Friday night after I got off work J and I finally made it to see “Casino Royale”. I’m glad we went. I really enjoyed it. Then we had Taco Bell and wandered around World Market afterwards. What a classy date ;-). It was a good time. You know you have a good friend when you can do silly/normal things and still have fun. Then it was back home since I had to get up at 4am on Sat. Always a great way to start the weekend.

I need to start getting my stuff together to go to the airport. I’m off for the next few days which makes me happy, except that I have to go to the doctor tomorrow and the dentist Tuesday. In between those times I’m just going to be chillin though.

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