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I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end… not today though

November 30, 2006

I just had the most frightful coughing spell. I hope I don’t die :-P.

It was nice being at home for a few days. Now it’s back to work. I’m so excited – I get to spend tonight in the oh so fabulous Albany, GA. Saturday night I’ll be in MSP with my favorite Amherst resident. I’m so excited.

Yesterday was a day of waiting. I had to go to the foot doctor and you know how doctor’s visits go. You wait, then you fill out paperwork, then you wait some more, then you see a nurse, then you wait some more, then you see the doctor.. and that’s usually about it.

After that it was time to take care of my car. I’m trying really hard to be a responsible car owner so my lovely car lasts me forever. The brakes were making funny noises, the oil needed changing, and I wanted to make sure it was ready for winter. And you know how it goes when you’re at the mechanic. You wait, and wait. Except first we drove the car to hear the sound the brakes were making and of course, they were completely quiet. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I brake like a 25 yr old girl and the mechanic brakes like a 65 yr old man… I need to work on that. Needed a new air filter so $60 later my car is good for another 3k miles. Oh yeah, and it has a leak in the that I eventually need to fix. The part is only $275. Good times.

Next it’s over to Verizon. I got my new phone last week which was great but it keeps freezing up, takes at least 30 seconds to respond when you dial a number that isn’t already stored, and takes forever to wake up when i turn it on. I go in just to see if they can do anything about it and the same guy gives me a different phone. That seems great, but when he goes to swap all the numbers over it won’t do it. So they keep trying. So I wait. And wait. And go across the street to the store. And wait. And knit half a scarf. And wait. I took old and new phones home, after deciding just to manually swap the numbers over, and discover you practically need a magnifying glass to see the screen on the phone. So maybe I’m spoiled. So what? I paid for the phone with the bigger screen. I shouldn’t be swapped for a lesser quality phone… This morning I went to take the old phone back. I get a text from the guy and he asks how I like my new phone. I told him it was alright. Was trying to get used to how small the screen was. He said he’d mail me a different phone. For nothing… Nice hey?

After Verizon I went back by Faith’s shop to get her to snip up the sides of my hair where I decided it should be shorter and to watch Tanya get her hair colored. More sitting around but much more enjoyable as I had Tanya and Faith keeping me company. By then it was nearly evening and time to go home and get stuff done.

Last night was apartment family supper. We made poppy seed chicken which was fabulous and asparagus which is such a lovely food. I cant’ believe I ever hated it before. J’s overnight last night got canceled so we had the pleasure of his company as well. Did 3 loads of laundry since I had no clean clothes and have to go to work today.

The weather is disgusting. It’s drizzling. On the way back from Verizon this morning I had to stop and buy wipers. At least I can see now. My drivers side window has this problem of not wanting to roll back up when it’s raining. It’ll probably cost me at least one million dollars to fix :-P. I really have to go get ready for work now. Woo hoo.

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