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eatin popcorn and playin hookie

November 28, 2006

What a lovely, lovely Tuesday afternoon… It’s so nice to be at home right now and not working. I figured out that due to a lot of my flights earlier in the month being longer than scheduled I had enough hours to drop the day trip I was supposed to do today. I’m so glad cause if I hadn’t I would’ve had to rush home yesterday to get ready for work, then rush around all day tomorrow getting everything done that I need to get done.

On Sunday I drove Joy back to school and had a really nice visit with her up there. At times I envy the dorm life, the closeness of going to a small school where the majority of the people have common beliefs. I can’t help but wonder how different my life would have been if I had gone to a different college. Or moved when I went to college. It’s not a matter of would it be better, would it be worse, but just as to what the differences would’ve been. I probably never would’ve gone to South Africa. But who knows.. I’m really happy for Joy and the life she has up there. Everywhere we go on campus people know her, and I don’t think it’s because of her reputation for meanness :-P. I got to see where she works and see her at work. (She washes a mean dish.) I was able to meet people I had heard stories about. We baked a cake, ate pie at a friend’s parent’s house, watched basketball practice (she’s the manager), went to several classes, saw people I’ve met before… And just in case I had forgotten what a small world it is, I was walking into the main building to meet up with her for a class and a girl walking next to me asked if I was a Holby. Not surprising since Peter and Michal have been up there as well and a lot of people greet me by saying “Hi Joy’s sister”. Her next question was the surprising part. She asked if I had gone to music camp in Pensacola. I told her I had, wondering if she had gone there herself. She said no, but her sister in law had. Turns out the one other person from camp that I lost contact with and have wondered about is married to her brother. She had seen pictures of me from camp while visiting them over Thanksgiving, heard my name and made the connection somehow. I’m so happy to have found my friend after all this time.

Somehow, mid-blog I got really distracted. I’m trying to get stuff done around here before I go get my hair cut. I’m quite excited about that. I love getting my hair cut. After that it’s Michal’s basketball game and who knows what else… The world is my oyster – except I don’t really like oysters. Where did that phrase come from anyway?? Anyone want to clean my room and do my laundry?

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