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just emptying out the brain so it can sleep

November 25, 2006

10:15 on Saturday night and I’m in bed. What a way to end the week. This week feels like it’s lasted for at least 2 weeks. 6am Monday morning feels like it happened months ago :-P. Okay.. maybe that’s exaggerating a little.

I don’t really know what to say right now.
Does anyone really live happily ever after?
I really need to get rid of the disgusting fishtank in my room.
I really need to clean my room. I can’t walk without stepping on something. I’m running out of clean underwear. I can’t find anything.
I have lots of scarves to knit.
None of my sleeping clothes feel right right now.
I’m happy with my schedule for next month.
I want to love someone and have them love me, all at the same time and not have to stop.
I want to be able to be happy whoever I’m with and whatever I’m not doing and not always feel this sadness below the surface because one person isn’t there.
I need to change the message on my voicemail cause evidently it’s annoying to some people – though when I went in to change it the other day it just made me laugh.
I want an ipod.
I want to go somewhere warm and relax on the beach.
I want the people I love to be pleased with me.
I want God to be pleased with me.
I want to want to do what’s right.
I want my feet to stop hurting.
I want to stop feeling bitter.
I don’t want my heart to be broken again.
I want my loved ones to never die.
I love this weather. The blue skies and windy days make me happy.
I’m nearly 26. I’m completely single. If I ever have children I will be an old mother.
I think that I pushed my limits on how much I can work and still like my job this week. It makes me happy to be nice to people though and I’m getting a lot better at it these days.
I can’t believe this year is nearly over.
I’m reading a book about a lady who was from Zimbabwe but she also lived in Hong Kong and Manhattan. I wonder if I’ll ever live in a foreign city again, and if I do where, when, how, for what reason, with who? I want to but I don’t want to go alone again and am not ready to change jobs again (I don’t want to lose my flight benefits.)

I’m going to sleep. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, rested lots, ate lots, and spent lots of time with loved ones.

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