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Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling

November 10, 2006

I know, I know.. the blogs are getting to be excessive this week. What can I say though? I have a lot of time on my hands, no one particular to talk to, and feel like writing.

I’m in Allentown, PA and the weather up here is beautiful. I just now walked down the street to RiteAid in jeans and a tshirt it was that warm. I had to get some generic tylenol pm and airborne. (I refuse to get sick.) I would have stayed out longer but I’ve been warned about this town so much that I started feeling like every person I passed was about to mug me, and I really don’t feel like getting mugged today.

We ditched our Jamaican captain in Atlanta this morning and now our entire crew is Atlanta born and raised. That’s quite unusual, especially in the airline industry. Everyone is transplanted. Our old captain had this theory about sleeplessness. He said it’s a female problem because they have 4 or 5 circuits going to their brains as opposed to the one that men have. That’s why it’s so easy for men to shut down and go to sleep, while women can lie awake for hours thinking and thinking. I think he may be on to something there… I’ve been having this problem lately and it’s driving me crazy. It’s getting to the point where I’m so focused on going to sleep that I can’t go to sleep. I got in bed around 730 last night, watched Grey’s at 8 (excellent, by the way), and was still rolling around half awake at 1015. Got up at 415 again this morning.

One of my passengers asked me to marry him today. It was pretty funny and evidently I blushed. Kind of picked my day up since I was really tired and dragging, and since it was the first time I think anyone has ever asked me to marry them. Too bad he was quite bald (and not in a good looking, Shane kind of way) and old (and not just 35 old ). I had another passenger that seemed to be under the impression that it was my job to care about his travel woes… Crazy people.

I’m going to go run. Hopefully that will help me be tired enough to sleep quickly tonight.

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