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Why does it always rain on me?

November 9, 2006

The rain and dreariness seems to be following me around. It was gross in Atlanta the last two days I was there and evidently it’s gorgeous now. Now I’m far from Atlanta (Toronto) and the weather is disgusting. I’m getting reports of amazing weather everywhere except here.

Despite the gross weather and grayness, today is a good day. I feel good. I’m learning to enjoy my job more and not hate passengers so much. haha… I can’t believe I just said that. I’m really tired but that probably has something to do with the fact that I got up at 415 this morning. I’m having the old “to nap or not to nap” debate but I think I might not have a choice. I probably won’t be able to fall asleep tonight anyway. I was planning on running today but I just don’t have any energy.

I was going to watch Grey’s Anatomy online so I could know what’s going on before I watch it tonight but evidently ABC discriminates against people outside of the US. Jerks!! It’s kind of scary that they know where I am. Maybe they’re watching me right now…

I’ve decided that my mp3s need some serious purging. I can’t even leave my music on shuffle because all these stupid songs that I’ve never heard before start playing.

My mission these days is to become less bitter. It’s not a pleasant undertaking. Requires a lot of letting go and forgiving but I believe it’s necessary. Now that I’ve begun the process I’m finding out a lot of other unpleasant things about myself. Yay Grace!! Go team :-D. It’s all good though. I’ve been so busy thinking about other areas of my life that I hadn’t even noticed this and am only now realizing what a bad thing it is. I googled bitterness and was reminded that I can’t expect God to forgive me of the wrongs I do Him if I’m not forgiving other people the wrongs they’ve done me.

That’s my soul baring for the month. Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m off to rest or something. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and was reminded of how important it is that I rest and take care of myself these days. Last November I got all kinds of sick and I can’t afford for and don’t want that to happen again. I’ve taken two airborne today and am trying to drink a lot of water. Any other suggestions for not getting sick?

This is getting long but I have to tell this: This morning when we were coming through security they let us in front of the old couple. The FO walked through first. I was behind him and I heard the old guy say “he looks like a terrorist”. He was obviously joking but everyone around turned and looked at him. His wife nearly knocked him out and was fussing at him. The security lady got so mad. She’s all you aren’t allowed to say stuff like that in the airport. And I walked away laughing. I don’t know why it seems so funny to me but it makes me smile every time I think about it. I’m going to put it in my brain file of funny things that are guaranteed to make me happy when I think of them.

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