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I swam across, I jumped across for you

November 6, 2006

It’s funny how one day can feel so different from the next when nothing serious changes. I didn’t even get that much sleep last night and I still feel sooo much better today. Maybe cause it’s Monday. Oh wait, I don’t really have Mondays.

I got up 39 minutes before I was supposed to duty in this morning. I was having a genuine, all out, freak out. I usually try to get to the employee parking lot 45 minutes before my duty in time. I can’t be late or anything for a good long while or I’ll get in a lot of trouble. I was praying really hard that somehow God would help me get there on time. I was out the door in about 8 minutes. Long story short, I lied to scheduling and they dutied me in. I feel really bad about it actually. I still made it to the airport on time. The traffic was easy and the bus was practically waiting for me when I parked. I should have trusted God to get me there.

I did a nice dayline. Went to Greensboro, NC and Oklahoma City. When I was in the airport between flights I saw a lady that I had played in a quartet with my freshman year in college. It’s so crazy. Even with the amount of time that I spend in the airport it still blows my mind when I see someone I know. Especially someone I haven’t seen in so long. Maybe because Atlanta is one of the busiest airports in the world and it just takes a few seconds difference to meet or miss someone. She was on her way to get on my favorite plane and go to Korea. I don’t think that anything happens just by chance, but I’m not sure what greater purpose there would be to me running into her today.

I’m getting distracted now. Tanya, Amie and I are going to do absolutely nothing tonight except sit on the couch and watch tv. It rocks my face off. Tomorrow I have to clean my room. See what treasures I can unearth.

Oh yeah, I also got offered a very lucrative free-lance flight attendant job. Just one day. It’s not definite yet but I’m praying it works out. Then maybe I can buy Christmas presents :-D.

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