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I may have said this before…

October 22, 2006

But I am sooo tired. The whole theory I had yesterday about getting my second wind and not being able to sleep was true. The sad thing is it was even worse than I expected. I got in bed around 8, read til about 830, decided to sleep. Couldn’t. Turned the tv on til 9 something. Decided to still. Lay on my stomach. Lay on my back. Lay on my side. Turned the heat up. Turned the heat down. Still couldn’t. Turned the tv back on minus glasses hoping the blurriness would lull me to sleep. No banana. I didn’t fall asleep til after 1am. 4am comes around waaaay too early when you’ve just fallen asleep. The first flight was ok cause I drank coffee but by the time we were in the taxi line waiting to go back up to Portland it was all I could do to not let my head drop on my chest (while sitting in the front jumpseat). Good times.

Portland is beautiful. Atlanta was yucky. I’m glad we didn’t stay there. I’m going to take a nap, run, then hopefully see Amy. I finished the book and it ended just as poorly as I expected. What a depressing book. It was still interesting I guess… Everyone was so messed up though. Now I’m reading one of David Sedaris’s (sp?) books that one of my passengers gave me cause it was “too gayed up”. As I get into it I’m beginning to see what he meant. We’ll see how far I can make it.

When I’m tired passengers are sooo stupid. I have to wonder sometimes if they do it on purpose. I’m still all for everyone that flies having to take a course. I’d be willing to teach it – Air Travel 101. I’d tell them stupid things like “hey, when you get on the plane and then we take off, pretty soon after that we’re going to serve EVERYONE on the plane a drink and a snack. NOW is the time to get one. Not 30 minutes later when they’ve just finished and are putting things away and you wake up. Not after they’re finished and you ‘make space on your tray table’. Not right before we land and you wake up and decide you can’t make it another 15 minutes without a drink or you’ll die.” Also, don’t make it seem like they’re asking you to choose between your mother and your child to die. It’s a freaking drink!!! Not a life changing decision. Have a little foresight and think about it before they get there if it’s such a hard decision. Not after you said you didn’t want anything and they moved 4 rows down and then you decide you want them to come back and go through every drink available, only then to decide on a bottle of water……..

I have no idea where that came from. Something just possessed my fingers and all that came out. Oh yeah, and don’t put all your trash at the edge of your tray table and look at me waiting for me to pick it up. I don’t want to touch your trash that you just slobbered all over… Now I’m really finished (I think). I had to get that out of my system so I could go to sleep. I’m not really as grouchy as I sound. Not really grouchy at all. This is a good trip and my crew is really fun to fly with. People just get on my nerves sometimes.

I’m really liking the song suggestions. I need to get an ipod. One of these days…

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