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It’s raining, it’s pouring

October 17, 2006

It’s been raining since about 8pm last night (at least). I love waking up and hearing it. It’s one of my favorite sounds to sleep to. Right now my bed is the most comfortable place in the world. Which is a good thing since I’ve spent nearly 12 hours here. I went to bed fairly early last night cause I’ve been feeling kind of blue. Ask me and I’ll tell you why, but I’m not blogging about it. Once I was in bed it took me another 45 min to put my laptop and planner away and actually go to sleep, even though I was exhausted. I feel like I’m always exhausted lately. Might be the weather. Might be work. Maybe I’m just easily exhaustable (whatever that is). I think one of my problems with going to sleep may be that it seems to take me a long time lately. My mind never stops going. That why I was so pissed off when I was awakened at 4am. I knew it would require a second falling asleep. What was me up was the sound of a bug buzzing against my window. It was so loud, I started conjuring up images of enormous bugs that could carry away small people, shoes, etc… and since I just got some new shoes yesterday, and am kind of fond of them, I figured I needed to exterminate said bug before it stole them. (That and the sound of it was preventing me from going back to sleep.) Thankfully, due to the state of my room I didn’t have to search far to find a shoe on the floor to kill it with, and I did – in the dark no less. I went back to my comfy bed to resume my sleep, and was severly annoyed that my guts were hurting and I couldn’t sleep. After lying there long enough to realize it wasn’t going to stop I figured I had to get up (out of my wonderful bed). I got up, figured out why my guts hurt (I’m so glad to be a woman) then got settled back in my bed. My only complaint about the whole sleeping situation is that someone needs to invent sleeping pants that don’t ride up. I hate getting in bed, sliding your legs under the blankets, and having my pants go up to my knees.

As I lay in bed, trying for the third time to fall asleep, I thought of the options for pants that stay down. They are 1. sweat pants with elastic at the ankles. These usually stay down better but you usually wake up with lines around your legs because they went up as far as they could and then just squeezed for the rest of the night. 2. leggings… who wants to sleep in something so tight? 3. stirrup pants… oh wait, this is 2006. Do they even make them anymore?

And that’s as far as I got before I realized my guts were still hurting and it was after 5am. I won’t tell you that I got up AGAIN and out of sheer frustration and desperation took some prescription medicine to numb all feeling and knock me out. The beautiful thing is that it was raining the entire time. It rained during my dreams of being on airplanes (the bug interrupted that one – stupid bug). It rained during my dream that I was late for work and couldn’t find somewhere to sign in (pleasant, huh?). And now, as I write this long, pointless, stupid blog, it’s still raining. All I can say is, I’m glad I don’t have to work today. I do work tomorrow and then for the next 6 days.

I got paid yesterday which was really nice. I haven’t used my credit cards in several months, and though it is really hard sometimes, it’s been great. It feels great not to spend money I don’t have. It feels great to know that my debt is only going down. I feel like, for the first time in years, I have a little bit of control over my finances. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a really, really long tunnel but at least it doesn’t go on forever. I found a website (somewhere on CNN Money) where you can put in your debt, interest rates, minimum payments, and it will calculate when you will pay it off, 1. by paying the minimum payment, 2. by paying the same amount every month 3. or how much you have to pay per month to be finished during a certain time period. It also give you a month by month plan of how much will go where, etc… It was interesting and encouraging.

This is the most rambly, stupid blog I’ve written in a long time. I’m aware of it though so it’s ok. I guess I should get out of bed now. I’m going to see my family today cause I miss them.

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