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Prop planes…

October 8, 2006

…are the devil in airplane form. I just got off a 2-day trip that seemed to last for ages. Without being too graphic, I came as close to puking as one can without actually puking. This was while I was sitting in the jumpseat facing all my passengers. The one at my left knee was trying to hold conversation with me. Good times. Then I remembered why I don’t fly that plane anymore. If I ever contemplate picking something up or swapping something on the ATR, I demand that any and all who love and care about me, prevent me from doing so. For those of you who don’t know, the problem with prop planes (ours anyway) is that it flies at such low altitudes so it never gets out of the clouds and stuff that makes flying bumpy. It’s pretty much bumpy the whole flight. On our last leg home the autopilot didn’t work either. Fantastic. All I’ve got to say is when the airplane’s rocking, Grace is puking. Nothing quite like spending two days carrying a barf bag in your pocket in case you can’t make it to the bathroom. Nothing like doing a job that sometimes makes you sick and want to die. I heart my job.

Other than that it was a good trip. The lady I flew with was really nice. We talked a lot, and unfortunately she and her family have the craziest relationship problems I’ve heard of in a long time. It’s really sad what kind of stuff people will tolerate. I had some really nice passengers as well. I had a lady talk to me the entire flight from Augusta yesterday. She was so enthusiastic about life, it was great. I want to be someone like that. She loved her job. She was blessed and completely aware of it. I don’t know how people are that way but I’m going to find out.

I also really enjoyed the airport on this trip as well (if you can believe it). It may have been because I can see out the windows from this jumpseat. I could see the airplanes taking off next to us, see the lines of airplanes coming in, see all 21 of the waiting to take off. I’ve said it before but airplanes amaze me. I was sitting there in my jumpseat and realized again how weird it was that I was in a metal tube, weighing thousands of pounds, moving very fast high above the earth. It just doesn’t make sense – but I’m glad it works. I was my favorite plane yesterday and today. It’s really sad but I think I have a crush on this plane. I always look for it when I’m at the airport. I admire it’s sexiness. It’s power. How big and beautiful it is. And whenever I see it, it makes my day a little bit. I saw it as I arrived at work yesterday and then again today when we had just taken off. I saw several other 747s but none of them are quite as nice…

I think that’s all I’ve got to say about airplanes and airports. I’m really tired and hungry and still feeling a little unsettled from flying. I think I’m going to go veg for a good long while. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I am.

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