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as I was saying…

October 4, 2006

I so love not working.

Yesterday I went to my parent’s house and helped my mom and Peter paint their living room/dining room/kitchen. It looks really nice. I spent a lot of quality time on the ladder. Funny how I can spend nearly every day on a plane, even jump out of a plane, but I’m not crazy about being on tall ladders. Tall buildings either. One of the best things about going to my parents is that they take care of me. It’s nice, after taking care of myself all the time – fixing all my food, paying my bills, doing my laundry – to have someone else take care of me. Peter takes really good care of me. When I walk in the door my mother asks me if I’ve eaten and starts offering me things. Then when I pick an apple, Peter suggest peanutbutter on it. I’m like sure, whatever. I start eating the apple. He takes it away from me. Cuts it, cores it, peanutbutters it and gives it back. Then he starts making tea like I like it (his way). It’s the only sweet tea I like. Then we paint. We listen to music. We talk. We talk about our family members that aren’t there. We compare who has talked to who and how they’re doing. We try not to drip on the floor or paint on the ceiling. Then we eat more. Yay! I got to see my daddy a little when he got home from teaching. He works so hard. I admire him so much. He’s set a high standard for men in my life.

After all the painting we drive over, in my lovely shiny car, to the school and watch my not so baby sister play volleyball. Her team is all very young and they’re already able to hold their own against varsity teams. They won some but didn’t win the match, but they still played really well. Michal is a rock star. I love my siblings. It’s crazy how they’re all growing up. I’ll try not to embarrass them on here with talk of manly facial hair and the likes…

Last night I spent the entire evening (once I got home) watching tv and swapping trips. I’ve been halfway successful. I’m off on Friday for Kat’s birthday. I have to do a sucky ATR trip on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t believe they actually approved anything. Still trying to work some stuff out at the end of the month. The bad thing about having these days off is that I’m going to be working constantly for the rest of the month. J’s trip got changed so he came over last night to eat leftovers from when I cooked on Monday. Now that I know how easy it is to cook shrimp I think I’ll do it more. I really love leftovers. Except for when I cooked Monday, it seems that all I eat is leftovers. Sunday I ate Saturday night’s leftovers. Monday morning I ate some of Amie’s leftovers (she doesnt like them). This morning I ate some leftover smoked turkey chili my mom gave me. It’s so good. My mother is quite the cook.

This morning I was going to go play tennis with Jamie, but then there was the confusion about the location, which led to a confusion about the time, so I ended up just going to the gym and mostly walking, a little running, 2 miles. It’s better than nothing. The weather here is amazing still. I saw someone at the pool yesterday. I might go today. Who knows… I have a lot of house stuff to do since I haven’t really done anything this week. So I guess I should go do it instead of sitting here blogging :-P.

I’m so happy these days. It feels really good. I would be waiting for the other shoe to drop, but why ruin a good mood waiting for the next bad one?? Life is good.

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