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betty homemaker :-P

October 3, 2006

I so love not working. It’s kind of bad. I should be independently wealthy so I don’t have to work to have fly privileges. I’ve been chilling this whole week so far and it’s been great.

Yesterday I woke up at 1030. Then I sat around in my pjs and tried to swap trips online until J came over and we went and washed, waxed, and detailed my car. It looks sooo good now. All nice and shiny and pretty. After that I cooked supper. It was whole wheat egg noodles, shrimp, sugar snap peas, brocoli, asparagus, and sauce. All homeade. It was really yummy. It was fun. We had apartment family supper.

I forgot to mention our lunch at my parent’s house on Sunday. My little sister made yellow curry chicken and rice and veggies. It was so good. I’m glad she’s getting an earlier start cooking than I did (not for lack of trying on my mother’s part). Cooking is so much fun. I can’t wait til I have more money to cook with and maybe someone to cook for on a regular basis. (And before I have everyone offering for me to cook for them… you know what I mean :-P).

There’s more to write but I have to go… toodles

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