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Can I have a branket prease?

September 19, 2006

I’m in the oh so exciting town of Dothan, AL am about to crash. Today was a decent day. I’ve decided that I need to figure out how to like my job more. I have no intention of finding another job but don’t want to spend every day wishing it was over already. I’m in the process of analyzing what is bothering me and how to make it better. Today I just tried to pray a lot whenever I was feeling really tired or grouchy. It helped a lot. Every flight I had today I had at least one person that I had a pleasant conversation with. Some of them were just old guys flirting with me but it’s just nice to have a human connection in an otherwise robotic job. We flew back from Shreveport this afternoon, did a Detroit roundtrip, and in spite of all three of those flights being really late, somehow got to Dothan 20 min early. It was excellent. All my passengers had all their body parts (visible ones anyway). There were a few smelly ones and a few with funny accents. I had one guy ask me for a bRanket. It was all I could not to crack a smile when what I really wanted to do was laugh really really loud. I’m such a jerk.

It’s pretty ridiculous what I would give for a foot massage right now. Probably my forever and undying love. Too bad there isn’t anyone around here who’s willing to trade. Tomorrow is just a leg back to Atlanta and then up to Bingamton, NY. Not sure if that’s how you spell it, or Shreveport either. All I have to know is their airport codes. So there. I had a guy tonight offer me his ipod in exchange for my wings. Then when he saw that I’d be more than willing to make the trade he changed his mind. I can always report them stolen. I need to go to sleep so I can get up and eat the breakfast here. I’ve been eating so poorly lately. I need to do better.

Thanks to the beauty of the internet I just saw Israel sitting at his desk in China, eating nuts and drinking some “milk like product”. Need to figure out a way so I can talk to him instead of just typing. That’s for another day. This one is over and I’m out.

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