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the farmer and the cowman should be friends

September 11, 2006

Don’t ask me where that came from. I do not know.

It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been away on a 4-day and due to weight restrictions (ie. my laziness) I didn’t haul my laptop along. I seem to go in phases where sometimes I’m on the internet every chance I get and then sometimes I can’t be bothered. All the while I was working though I kept thinking of things that I didn’t want to forget, and therefore wanted to blog about.

Work-wise my trip was fairly uneventful. They’ve closed a runway in ATL which is going to make leaving nearly as much of a nightmare as coming in. Maybe even worse. I was finally getting used to sitting on the ramp for forever to get parked, but now, it seems that no matter what time of day it is, you have at least a 20 min taxi before taking off. Good times. Just about the only things that made any of my passengers noteworthy were two severe cases of body odor and one Xanax popping crazy lady who evidently thought all the rules of the airline, such as not wandering about the cabin immediately upon landing, while the plane is still going full speed, didn’t apply to her. It was a cake trip though. Though it was a 4 day trip, I only worked 3 days. But on those 3 days I worked a lot of hours. Fewer, but much longer flights. I overnighted two nights in Albany, NY which allowed me to spend time with my bestest buddy Adri. It was a lot of fun, though looking back on it, we should have just stayed in ALB and layed around the hotel all day instead of driving back and forth. She’s the best though. Not many people would drive all over tarnation to spend about 24 hours with me.

I can’t think of any other work things to comment on at the moment. After getting up at 445 to be down at the van at 450 my major accomplishment of the day was shaving my legs when I got home. Quite a Monday check list: 1. fly from Manchester, NH to ATL at 6am 2. Do an OklaCity round trip 3. shave legs. I set my standards high. I also had a lovely dinner with Amie and David tonight. My quilt finally arrived and I’m not sure if I like it. I wanted the dominant colors to be green and lavender and they seem to be the most subtle colors. Yellow and dark pink being the dominant ones. I’ll let it sit around in my room for a minute and we’ll see.

I have more things to write about but I think they require a clearer mind. I feel like my mind has gone into veg mode lately and I need to wake it up somehow. But first I’m off to enjoy a long night’s sleep in my very own bed.

PS. My back still hurts after sleeping in 3 different beds in the last 3 nights so I’m not ditching the pillow top just yet.

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