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today is supposed to be

September 7, 2006

productive day. Instead, it’s nearly 12:30, I’m still in my pjs and just now put a load of laundry in. The last few days have been recooperation time from work, but now that I have to go back to work tomorrow it’s time to get stuff done. And I still don’t feel like it. My schedule is really confusing my bed changing habits. I usually try to change my sheets every other week but I’ve only slept on them a few times so they aren’t dirty yet. Feels weird though. It’s one of those things like sleeping late in the middle of the week – I have to remind myself that I have a really weird job so it’s ok to sleep really late sometimes and go several weeks without changing my sheets since I only spend half my nights on them.

I’m really excited about my trip tomorrow. I’ll be gone for 4 days but only have to work on 3 of them. I will also be doing 8 flights, instead of 13, and getting paid more. Life is good when you have a line and can swap stuff. I’m kind of sad cause I won’t be flying with Joe, but I’ll get to spend the day with Adri which pretty much rocks my face off. The way it works is, tomorrow night I end up in Albany, NY around 9pm where Adri will pick me up and take me to her house (she’s the best). I’ll spend the night and Saturday there, then she’ll bring me back the next night in time for work on Sunday morning. I think I dreamed about all this cause it’s sounds kind of familiar now that I’m telling it.

Another bed related thing – can your bed be too soft?? I slept on an air mattress for a while a few years ago and my lower back used to hurt a lot cause it was too soft. Now that I got this pillow top thing for my bed my lower back hurts, but since I sleep on my bed so rarely it’s hard to say if its my bed or just my back. I’d hate to have to get rid of the lovely pillow top softness. What a dilemma… 😛 I finally ordered my new quilt. Now I’ve got delivery impatience. Don’t they know I really want this?? Shouldn’t it be their priority?

Probably one of the reasons I’m not feeling particularly motivated today is because I still haven’t gotten to veg for an entire day since being off. On Tuesday I had to go to the dentist. I got yelled at cause I don’t floss and have to go back next month cause I have cavities. Thankfully they’re small. After that I went to the music store in Fayetteville and helped my mother decide between two violins for my little sister. That was fun. I’m really glad she has a nice violin to play now. No more student violin squeakiness. After that I went to Publix, bought asparagus and steak and went home and shared it with Amie. I still need to go proper grocery shopping, but it just takes too much energy.

Yesterday morning I had to get up around 7 to take a puppy up to Harrisburg, PA for my old music teacher. It’s actually for her daughter but it was going to cost them a fortune to ship it up there, and since I can fly for free I was glad I could help. Thankfully I made the flight straight back so I was home around 2, but it was still really tiring. Then I came home and slept for a few hours. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t fall asleep when I got back in bed at 930 last night? Mr. L made what he calls frito plates for me last night. It’s basically like taco salad but with fritos. It was yummy.

I guess I should get on with my day. I feel like I haven’t seen anyone in a long time. I miss my friends and family. I’ve kind of been in a funk though so when I’m home I don’t feel like doing anything. Just feel like lying around and sleeping. Hopefully I’ll snap out of it soon. I hate feeling this way cause I feel like I need to just keep to myself otherwise I’ll be nasty to those I’m around. Just ask my family, and my roommates. Good times. I’m so great.

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