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August 25, 2006

I’m glad that though I have days where I absolutely cannot motivate myself to do anything productive, there are other days when I get so much done. Since I got home from Arkansas yesterday I think I’ve done 5 loads of laundry, including my clothes, linens, and towels. It feels good to have everything folded, hung and put away. Feels good to go to my closet and know that all of my clothes are in there and are clean.

Yesterday when I came back from Arkansas I had the most frustrating time in the airport. I think I’m spoiled because I’ve gotten used to being treated like a crew member and not being hassled about every little thing. Yesterday it was completely opposite. I got crap about the shirt I was wearing, and after I changed someone didn’t like that one either (we have to go by a certain dress code when we fly on our own). Because of the shirt hassle I missed the direct flight to Atlanta and had to go through Cincinnati. I except this crap from Delta agents cause sometimes they look down their noses at us and give us a hard time, but these were my very own coworkers. The same people I’ve seen many times over the last few months when I fly in and out of XNA for work… All I can say is that those people better never ever get on one of my flights.

Do you ever notice how sometimes you put so much energy into looking for something in what someone is saying that you actually miss what they’re saying? It’s hard when you’re used to a certain feeling being behind all of someone’s words, and when it starts to go away it distracts from everything they say. I think it takes a long time to be able to stop looking for that something and just hear and enjoy what they’re saying.

I have a question: How do you go about getting closer to someone, whether it be a family member, friend, coworker? There are people in my life that I would like to be closer to. People I would like to know better than I do now, but I know it will be at one sided effort, at least at first. I don’t know where to begin or what to do.

Another question I have is how come I have 94 views on my blog this week and only 6 comments??? Is there one person out there who just views my blog over and over? It’s quite puzzling.

I need to go iron my uniform and get ready for work. Thankfully I’ll only be gone until tomorrow afternoon. I got a call today from the Spalding County DA’s office. They want to know the monetary value of the things that were stolen out of my car in January. I don’t want to get excited about it, but it sure would be nice if I got some money for the things I had to replace.

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