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gettin jiggy with the arKansans

August 23, 2006

Greetings from the great state of arKansas. I got here yesterday afternoon and have been helping my brother fix up his house. He’s trying to sell it before he moves to China. It was random – on the way out here I rode next to a guy who mentioned flying into Hong Kong. I asked him if he had been to China very often and if so, where. I hadn’t told him why I was coming here or anything. He said that he had been over quite a few times for business and whenever he went he usually went to a city near Shanghai called Ningbo. This happens to be the city Israel is moving to. It was really bizarre that out of all the people I could have sat next to and all the places they could’ve gone, it was the same place he’ll be going. Life’s crazy like that.

So yesterday and today I’ve been painting, power washing (it should be a hobbie, it’s so much fun. you feel so powerful), stripping (paint off the floor you dirty minded folk), sanding, pulling nails out… I think it’s so amazing how God made our bodies to be so cleanable. Right now I have paint, bug spray, dirt, sweat, and who knows what else on me. It’s kind of freeing to not care if your clothes dirty and to know that whatever you get on you, will be gone right after you shower (and you all know what a big fan of showers I am). I don’t know why that impresses me today, but it does, and since this is my blog, I’m going to write about it.

Our September schedules came out yesterday and turns out I’m going to be flying with my good buddy Joe all month. Fun times :-). And in case that wasn’t enough to make me happy, I have three weekends off next month. Life is definitely getting better. I have nothing profound to say. Today I’m happy. Can’t ask for much more than that, can I? For those of you who care, I should be home tomorrow afternoon or evening. Friday I have to go to the doctor and then to work til Saturday. Then I’m off to Iowa on Sunday night to see a very pregnant Chasity.

Good times.

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