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If it isn’t one thing…

August 21, 2006

I finally got my tag for my car. It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be which is fantastic. I give Joy a whole lot of crap cause she always loses stuff, but sometimes I feel like if my head weren’t attached to my body I would lose it. Somewhere between the tag office and the Credit Union, I lost my driver’s license. So stupid. It could be in the parking lot where I stopped to put my tag on. It could be in my car somewhere. It could be in the thriftstore where I dropped some clothes off. Or by our mailbox when I stopped here to get the mail… Crap. I was so scared driving to the tag office. I had to find somewhere to get my emissions done before I could my tag and was scared the whole time that I’d get pulled over again. There are about a million cops in Fairburn. Anyway, it’s done and I’m so happy.

Tanya gave me the cutest shirt the other day. It has Tinkerbell on it and says-
Pixie: in English folklore spirit or fairy. The pixie is commonly represented as a feisty imp who delights in making mischief.
It’s so cute. I think in another life I was Tinkerbell .

It’s nice not having to go to work for another few days. I’m going to Arkansas tomorrow morning to help my brother get his house ready to sell. Before then, I have all kinds of important things to do, like re-do my toenails. Evidently my toes are too long and my shoes rub my polish off. I’m also planning to order my new quilt today. I hate how whenever I have a lot of time off I can never remember what I need to do. I did get a lot done already today though. My watch has decided to work sporadically. When I woke up this morning it said it was 4, even though it was 10:30. Then a few hours ago it started going again. Hmmm.

I had some interesting passengers on my last flight. I need to write about them as I come across them or I’ll forget. On the way back from Mexico I saw a little girl with the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. I thought they were fake. I wanted to take a picture for proof but figured her mom might thing I was a little weird. I also had a guy get on my flight going from Atlanta to Little Rock. He was obviously upset when he got on the plane. He was sweating so bad there were dry spots on his shirt. He said he was claustrophobic and couldn’t handle the little planes. I tried shutting the curtain while we were sitting there and he looked like he was going to lose it. Then he asked me how far a drive it was to Little Rock. I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding me… Then he asked for alcohol. Asked where the nearest airport to was LR was that he could fly into on a bigger plane. Said he was on medicine that intensified everything around him (I guess making our small plane seem smaller). Finally after about 15 minutes of this, me trying to distract him by talking about his job interview etc… he decided he had to get off the plane. I was pretty relieved. He was a big guy and if he had decided at a later point in the flight that he needed to get off, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Good times had by all.

I guess I should go do my laundry or something productive. I had Taco Bell today and though it was super good, my stomach now hates me. I’m not sure if it was the quesadilla, the taco, or the huge Code Red Mountain Dew…

I’ve been reading these books lately by Marion Keyes. They’re all girlie kind of books. Not romance or anything, just funny stories about 20 or 30 something girls. The thing is, though they’re funny books, each one I’ve read so far deals with some fairly serious issues that people have. One of the girls was in rehab and it followed her through figuring out why she did drugs, why she was drawn to people who were bad for her, and other such issues. It’s been really interesting and makes me think a lot about myself and other people I know. Maybe I’ve been thinking too much now… That can be almost as bad as not thinking enough.

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