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the glamour never ends

August 13, 2006

It’s amazing how last week’s trip and this one feel so different. They’re nearly identical. 5 legs Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday, and 3 on Monday. The two main differences that I’m aware of are 1. I was off 3 days before starting this one, instead of already having worked 4 days and 2. I haven’t have to get up early since Tuesday. I’m not sure which has more of an impact. Whatever it is though, I feel so much better this trip. At the beginning of my trip I didn’t feel like working. I had enjoyed being off for 3 days. Enjoyed going to sleep every night for a few nights and knowing that I really didn’t have to do anything the next day if I didn’t want to. I was wondering if I even liked my job anymore. Now, after 3 days of work, I still do like it. I have a lot of things to say but don’t feel like writing a book so maybe I’ll just jot them down so I can remember them. That is the whole point of this thing, isn’t it?

– I got pulled over the other day for the second time for not having my tag. Had to be a jerk to finally track down my title. I hate when people make me do that.
– I had two people tell me within 5 minutes of each other that I looked like Princess Diana.
– I got to see someone I knew on my last two overnights. First was in Tulsa. Had lunch with my friend Kim. Second was in Montgomery last night and today where I saw a lot of my mom’s side of the family, including my fabulous cousin Susan, who turned 25 yesterday.
– I really like the Hilton Garden Inn. If it wasn’t wrong to steal and a king size bed would fit in my luggage I’d steal this one. And the pillows.
– On the way to Tulsa the other night I had an old guy offer to take me horse back riding the next day. Bummer I had to leave…
– Everyone knows I’m in over my head.
– I swapped my three day with early duty-ins this Fri-Sun for one with late duty-ins Thurs-Sat so I have 5 days off next week. I’ll also spend Thursday night in Monterrey and Friday night in Arkansas.
– I got a bunch of books from my cousin which makes me really happy.
– I need to start exercising so I can stop feeling so disgusted with myself.
– Four days is a long time to be at work.
– It took us 28 minutes to fly from Montgomery to Atlanta. It took us 47 minutes to get from touchdown on the runway into a parking spot. Gotta love the ol’ ATL…

I’m not really tired cause I slept really late today, but I guess I should try to sleep since it’s midnight back home. I’m in McAllen, TX. I wish I was in my bed but hopefully I will be there this time tomorrow, or at least at home hanging out with my friends. I wish I at least had someone to entertain me. Oh well… Maybe next time.

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