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move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing

August 10, 2006

You know, if you really think about life sometimes, it’ll scare you to death. I don’t think I’m hiding my head in the sand, but I think you have to realize that there are certain things that just aren’t healthy to dwell on. I’ve just finished reading the most recent article on about the terror threats that were discovered this morning. Good times… I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow. Good thing I’m only flying to places like Roanoke, Tulsa, Montgomery, etc…

This whole going back to work thing doesn’t make me happy. It was so nice for the last two days to know that there wasn’t anything I had to do the next day. Now I’m having to do laundry and get ready for work again. Ugh. The good thing is, I get to spend Saturday night and a huge part of Sunday in Montgomery where my mom’s side of the family lives.

My head is all in a kerfuffle right now. I’m not sure why. I just have a lot of things on my mind. Things I have to do. People I need to call. Stuff I have to take care of before I go to work. Plus a load of other stuff that just lives inside my head and harasses me. Sometimes I don’t like myself very much. My priorities are really out of whack these days. I need to sort myself out. Let go of that which needs to be let go of (easier said than done). Embrace the things that are important… I’m stressing about money again. I know I said a while back that things were better, but I haven’t seen my first check from my raise and my new schedule yet. So I’m just hanging on until then. Trying not to focus on it too much.

More cheerful subjects – J and I painted one wall in my room the other day and it looks great. When you walk in my room the opposite wall has a big window on it looking out at the trees behind our apartment. The wall is kind of an olive green and it kind of blends in with the outdoors. It’s exactly what I wanted it to do but was worried that it would just look like pea soup instead. So when I get paid again I’m going to get that quilt and some other stuff and before you know it, my room will be beautiful! That makes me really happy.

Other things that make me happy: I’ve done some serious work on my tan this week (if I’m not going to do anything about my fat I need to at least keep it tan!). I got some white linen capris which are said to look hot on me. We finally have a functioning dryer (doing laundry as I type). I don’t have any early duty-ins on this trip. I’m going to see my family today.

I guess that’s all for now. I love Jack Johnson. I love Davefm and Mara. Check out radio free lunch every day from 12-1. I’m a dork that I’m plugging a radio station in my blog but I like Mara that much. Every day they have a topic and play songs that have to do with it. It’s fun.

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