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It’s my Friday also!!

July 28, 2006

My airline buddies will realize that just because it’s Friday for the rest of society doesn’t mean it is for us. Usually it’s the opposite. But today actually is my Friday and I’m so happy. I think if I had to go to work tonight I would cry. I miss my roommates. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss sleeping in my own bed at night. I don’t have to work again til Monday night and I’m so pleased.

Last night was uneventful except that we actually got to Cleveland early, which is an event in itself, since it hasn’t happened in the last week and a half. That meant that I got around 6 hours of sleep last night. Not bad for a nap. I had a lovely conversation with my favorite little brother yesterday before work, which also made me happy. I’ve been having very disturbing dreams about my family lately and I don’t know why. It makes me want to be in touch with them more. I seem to have a recurring theme in that someone, often my mother, is rearranging my living situation, usually in a way that takes away my independence and privacy. It doesn’t make sense to me cause my mother has never been that way. She still isn’t. She’s always encouraged me to step out and be on my own. If not encouraging she has at least been supportive. Dreams can be silly things sometimes.

Speaking of silly things, my fellow FA was coming up the escalator yesterday before work. He was riding next to some girl and he said she looked him dead in the face and said “Is this Atlanta?” He said, “yes honey, this is Atlanta.” That really, really concerns me that a person can be in an airport and be so confused they have to ask what city they’re in. How did she get here and not be sure where she was going? Like, oops… the Atlanta and Seattle flights were right next to each other and somehow I ended up in the wrong city. Ooopsies. The stupidity of people will never cease to amaze (and humor) me.

I have a lot of stuff to do today so I need to get to it. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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