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grouchy tired blah

July 27, 2006

I’m so tired and grouchy right now. The first half of the month of naps was nice. It was nice being home. Nice only doing one flight at night and one in the morning. But now I’m sick of it. I don’t know if it’s cause I picked up stuff on my off days and haven’t given myself time to rest or what, but I am. I’m tired of only getting a normal night’s sleep 3 nights a week (if that). I’m tired of getting up at the buttcrack of dawn and having to be pleasant and professional. Tired of stupid, demanding passengers. Can you believe someone asked us at 6:30 this morning if we had liquor on the flight??? What is wrong with people? I’m tired of their grouchiness and them thinking they’re the only ones that are inconvenienced when we’re late. When we get there really late at night I just want to yell at them and be like, hey, at least you get to go home and sleep. I have to be back here in 3-5 hours. I’m tired of them treating me like I’m their slave. I’m tired of being gone every night and the nights I’m home I’m too tired to do anything. It sucks too cause this month is ending soon but they have been kind enough to roll me right into 6 more days of work when I get back from my nap on Tuesday morning. It sucks cause pilots have to have an entire day off after 6 days of work but we only have to have 24 hours. So from this Monday until next Tuesday I will be working every day. Anyway… I’m finished complaining. I’m going to go into the simulated night in my room and try to pretend I don’t have to get up in a few hours and go back to work. I’ll be much more cheerful at this time tomorrow.

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