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ramblings of a half asleep woman

July 26, 2006

I’m sitting here at the table next to Amie. She is making chicken fingers and I’m trying to decide what I’m going to eat. I managed to sleep a little over 4 hours just now and it felt good. Despite all the good things I’ve come to realize about naps, I just feel like they drain me so much. I’m worthless during the day. I guess the fact that I keep working on my off days doesn’t help. My line next month is totally different so we’ll see how that works out.

It’s really sad when one of the highlights of my week is getting ALL my laundry done. As many of you know the girls here at 8302 have been experiencing difficulties with our dryer. This makes doing laundry a huge mission. You have to make sure it’s a dry day and then hang all your clothes all over the house so they dry. It’s such a pain. They don’t smell like anything when you’re done and they’re usually wrinkled which drives me crazy. I’m not a wrinkle freak but I really like just taking my clothes out of the dryer when they’re hot and folding or hanging them up. Then they’re all smooth and beautiful. I went over to the guys’ apartment yesterday and spent the entire afternoon washing, folding and drying all my clothes. Now they smell so good and are so nice and pretty.

I got pulled over the other night which was pretty scary cause I left my planner with the bill of sale and proof of insurance in it, so I was driving with nothing. It didnt help that it was 1am, I had my hair in a mohawk and the cop was 7 feet tall. Long story short, he let me go, but not before much fear and trembling in my legs.

I had a conversation with my fellow flight attendant last night and I need some input. Once upon a time I was told that because I had been a teacher and was now a flight attendant I would check off two boxes on a man’s “fantasy woman to get with” list. So my gay male friend and I were coming up with men’s fantasy women. This is what we came up with so far:

1. Teacher
2. Flight Attendant
3. Cheerleader
4. Nurse
5. Lifeguard
6. Maid
This is the input I’ve gotten so far – so I don’t necessarily endorse all of these (but I’m a woman so what do I know??).
7. Hooters Girl (our captain said that one)
8. Librarian
9. School girl (legal age of course)
10. Asian girl

Tell me what you think kids.

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