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Hi, I’m Grace J*** H**** and I’m a bad friend

July 26, 2006

Please egg my apartment and my car. That’s what Kathryn says anyway. I’m writing it so she doesn’t have to. But I have the most fabulous shoes ever so it doesn’t really matter. And Amie’s sister wants an engagement ring made out of a tree. I would give you my license plate numbers so you can find my car and egg it, but I don’t have a license plate. So good luck with that. Plus it’s raining so the egg would just wash off. I got these shoes yesterday at Ross. They pretty much make me want me. They’re pointy black, slingback, Nine West stilettos. I used to hate pointy shoes cause they made my feet look longer and skinnier than they already are, but these actually look really nice and hot. So I bought them as a reward to myself for making it through a month of naps. Regardless of what went on this month, I would have come up with a reason to buy them. I wore them to the wedding I played in today. I’m so sick of going to weddings. It was really nice, which is one reason why I’m sick of going. You all already know how I hate happy people. hehe…

Charity is really weird. My friends and I have reached a new level of old. We’ve spent hours discussing the prices of homes, insurance rates, interest rates, the cost of health insurance, loans… I think you get the idea. And just when I think we’re all old and grown up, Charity starts using a golf club like a light saber. She makes me laugh though, and those who know me well know how high the ability to make me laugh puts you on my list.

I had dinner tonight with some of my old Patricia Drive roommates. Adri is in town this week and she cooked for 5 of us. It was fabulous. She made poppyseed chicken and I ate too much. It was good to see everyone. We should have a reunion sometime. It’s crazy thinking about how many people that would involve. I have had a lot of roommates in my life. Some I would rather forget about, but some have become my best friends.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. And put the eggs away. I’m a fabulous friend.

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