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Holbys scattered hither and yon

July 20, 2006

I’m nearly through my month of the dreaded naps, and the funny thing is, I wish I had gotten them next month. My line came out yesterday for next month and it’s pretty decent. I have a lot of time off and will be able to play with my schedule a good deal, I think.

Last night none of my Holbys were in GA. My mom and Peter went to NC, my dad, Joy, and Michal are in LA, and I was in Cleveland. They’re still all over the place. It’s pretty cool. I just got off the phone with my dad, trying to get him back to ATL in the morning and then on up to NC shortly thereafter. I hope he makes the flights.

I’m really tired and grouchy today and I don’t like it. I went straight to the auto shop this morning after I got off work for what I thought would just be an oil change. Turns out my breaks needed changing and the rotars were completely worn out. $360 later I’m never going to make any headway on my finances. It was necessary though, and I’m at least thankful I take my car to people who will work with me. They’re really great. I had to run a couple of other errands and by the time I got home it was noon and I needed sleep so bad. Thanks to some other schedule things changing I got to sleep all afternoon so I feel some better, but it’s just not the same.

I got a compliment last night that I have to share. I would criticize it for it’s cheesiness, but I hate girls that criticize compliments. If someone has something nice to say about me, I’m going to appreciate it. Last night we were forever late getting out of ATL. First we had to wait on a plane. Then we had no rampers to load the bags. Finally two guys come up and load the carry-ons. After they finish one of the guys, a short little, old, white guy comes up the stairs where I’m standing with the other flight attendant (trying to avoid the prying eyes of the passengers who wonder why the heck we haven’t left yet). I’m assuming he is there on business. When he gets up with us he says, have you heard that nasty rumor that SkyWest is spreading? (Rumors are as common on the ramp as airplanes are.) No, we haven’t. What is it? Well evidently SkyWest is telling everyone that they have the best looking flight attendants in the industry, and I just proved them right. Hehehe. Ya, it was funny. I think the funniest part though, was how pissed off the other flight attendant gets cause people compliment me and not him. He’s like, I hate flying with cute girls. I don’t appreciate comments like that. Blah blah… I laughed at them both. But it was a nice thing to say anyway.

I must go shower and get ready for work. Hasta..

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