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Friends helping friends

July 18, 2006

I don’t know how many of you have heard of love languages. Basically, each person has a different way, or several ways, of expressing their love to those around them. It is often the cause of a lot of confusion in relationships because one person’s way of expressing love may not be understood by the other because they express love differently. They are 1. words of affirmation 2. receiving gifts 3. quality time 4. acts of service 5. physical touch. This will explain them more if you’re interested – I haven’t put enough time into figuring out what my love languages are. I can make some guesses. But whichever ones have to do with helping other people out, especially helping people save money, makes me happy. Several times lately I’ve been able to connect one friend to another to help someone out and it makes me feel really good to do that. Peter accidently went swimming with his cell phone in his pocket and was out a phone but thankfully Angela had her old phone and she was nice enough to give it to him. Jonathan’s phone got smashed the other day when he was flying and instead of him putting down $130 for a new phone he didn’t really like, I remembered that Adri had an old Verizon phone that she had offered to me. So he just has to activate it. My older brother, Israel, was going to a job interview in Boston and instead of him having to get a hotel room I was able to put him in contact with a girl who lives near Boston that I’m friends with through Adri. I don’t really take credit for any of these things. I can only take credit for having wonderful friends that are always happy to help someone out. I guess I can’t even really take credit for that. Every good gift, including good friends, comes from God and I thank Him for them.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m supposed to be doing today, but my mind is all in a kerfuffle (great word, huh Tanya?). I already paid a lot of bills, and unfortunately have more to pay. I have to get my car registered but need to print something off before I can do that and don’t have access to a printer right now. I need to do laundry but want to wait until this dryer gets here. I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon which makes me quite happy. I need to finish cleaning my room and change my bed, but am obviously procrastinating. I haven’t even showered yet. Gross, Grace!! I want to get my car all washed and waxed and pretty but have to get all my cleaning stuff from my parent’s house. I need to do something with my old Civic but don’t know what to do yet. Any ideas?

I guess that’s about it for now. My dad and Joy are in CA visiting Christine and Scott. Michal is flying out to LA tomorrow to be with Joy at an evangelism camp. I’m so glad my family gets to go and do so much more now. I thought I was going to have to force my parents to take advantage of their flight benefits but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Speaking of surprises… It’ll be interesting to see what our power bill is this month since my dear roommates insist on keeping our apartment at glacial temperatures. Oh well.

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