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New car time

July 12, 2006

The other day, I wrote a whole long blog, and then before I saved it all the windows on my computer closed. It made me mad so I gave up.

Monday morning I had a humorous dream. I often have bizarre dreams (who remembers Lynn Flyn?), but in this dream, my friend Jamie was a movie actor. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Well the funny part was that he was playing the part of a woman, and part of his role was to very passionately make out with Ewan McGregor. This may not seem terribly strange to those of you who don’t know Jamie, but last time I checked, the only people Jamie is passionate about making out with are women. Having never witnessed this first-hand, I suppose it could all be a facade – but I won’t insult Jamie like that. He’s straight. But in my dream, he sure was loving making out with Ewan. And who wouldn’t? Obi-Wan is hot! There were a lot of other bizarre facets to my dream that I can hardly remember, much less describe, but seeing Jamie, dressed as a woman and making out with a man, sort of stuck in my head I guess.

The other thing I wrote about was spending 2 hours Monday afternoon sitting in one of the hotels on the north side of the airport, watching planes land and take off. I have admitted in previous blogs that I am becoming quite the plane nerd, but this really proves it. My kind friend Joe had lent me his car while he was on a trip, since mine can’t be bothered to start. He was getting back from work late in the afternoon and Jamie and I were discussing what we should do in the meantime. We had just had lunch with Amie and David in Ptc so we considered the Starbucks option – go drink coffee and make fun of the locals. Neither of us wanted coffee which kind of rules that out. So Jamie suggested watching planes, and that’s what we did. Those of you who know me well and know the pleasure I gain from seeing miniature versions of real things, or just really tiny things will understand why seeing a Cessna driving around at the airport pretty much made my day. It looked like a little wind up toy. It started out on the far north side of the airport and evidently had to make its way to the south runways. I think the journey across the airport must’ve added at least 45 minutes to their trip time. It’d get across one runway and have to wait forever for the next huge plane to land. I was surprised it didn’t get blown over by the exhaust from the engines. It made me feel better about our airplanes, cause normally ours look funny in comparison to the big planes, but this one made ours look big. All in all, it was a very fun time. I am learning, very slowly, to identify the different planes. I think I get it down and then Jamie’s like “no, that’s a QR-19445.6”. Not really but that’s what it feels like sometimes. They should just put what they are on the side of the freaking airplane. So for all you guys who care, I’m an easy date. Pay to park at the Renaissance Hotel and we can watch planes for hours. It’s fun.

Finally, a bit of good news about my car. I have been playing phone tag with this man in Miami for days and days now. By the way he talked on Friday and Saturday, you’d think the guy was anxious to sell this car. But when it came down to me actually purchasing it, he wasn’t ready. Long story short, I was prepared to go down on Monday and get it, and now, Wednesday morning, I finally get word from the bank that they have all the paperwork from him and I can go get the check and fly to Miami. So I need to go get my lazy body off the couch and get ready to go. And because he dragged his feet, I can’t even take my time coming back like I was hoping. I have to work tomorrow night. Thanks man…

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