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I smell onions

July 8, 2006

This is the good life. It’s 9am on Saturday morning and I’m sitting on the back deck, listening to the birds (and the traffic), just chillin. I’ve got the whole day ahead of me to do as I please until I go to work again tonight. I’m really starting to appreciate naps. I’m lucky because for the most part I got naps with decent overnights this month. Sunday night when I get 3 hrs of sleep in San Antonio I might be singing a different song.

For the past few weeks the air around where I live has had the most bizarre smell. It smells like onions, but more like sauteed onions than onion grass. It makes me hungry and wish someone would fix me some good food. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Maybe Purina is making a new sauteed onion flavored dog food. If anyone knows where this strange smell is coming from it would be fabulous if you could let me know.

In our society today we’ve gotten where fewer and fewer things shock us. We’ve seen so many things, real and fake, on tv that it takes a whole lot to even make us blink. Last night as I was falling asleep I was flipping through channels and saw something about “what women go through to wear sexy shoes.” I stopped to see what they were saying cause I really like sexy shoes. I found out that along with all the other outrageous plastic surgeries they have you can now get fat injected into the balls of your feet so you can wear stilettos longer, and this is the one that totally blew me away cause it hits kind of close to home – Women are getting parts of the bones taken out of their toes because THEIR TOES ARE TOO LONG!!! They showed this woman’s feet who came to the doctor because she couldn’t wear her Manolos because her toes were too long, and they looked just like mine. Her second toe, especially on the right foot, was significantly longer than the others. So the doctor goes in and takes part of the bone out and the toe will eventually shorten itself. I’ve always joked about getting my toes shortened, but now that I know it can actually be done it is the last thing I would ever have done to my body. I have taken a lot of flak for my finger-esque toes, but really, they’re my toes and I like them. I’m not going to stop wearing sexy shoes cause my toes are long. This surgery starts at $3500 as well. I’m still blown away by this. I guess there really isn’t any part of your body that isn’t subject to change. Whatever happened to people just being happy with what God gave them?

I’m trying to decide if I should stay awake or go to sleep. It’s such a beautiful, albiet smelly day. It’d be a shame to waste it sleeping. But I don’t really have anything to do or the energy to do anything. My roommates are gone so my apartment is really quiet. My car isn’t running well so I should probably look for another one. I found one that I loved and was great but it was in Miami and I’m pretty sure the guy sold it last night. Guess it wasn’t the one for me.

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