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July 6, 2006

I’m off today, beginning to end, and I love it. Yesterday was a crazy long day but for the first time in the year since I started this job (Yes, today is my 1 year anniversary with ASA) I could take consolation in the fact that I was making extra money for the extra work I was doing. And boy did I make some extra money yesterday. It felt great. I flew with a lady who was a lot of fun as well. We went to St. Croix which is one of the longest flights ASA does. It’s part of our new extended overwater deal. I think the story before was that we weren’t allowed to fly anywhere where we had to be more than 50 miles away from the coast. But now we can. Long story short, on the way back we left late (surprise, surprise) then when we finally landed in Atlanta we had to sit on the runway for 45 minutes because there wasn’t anywhere to park. And not only were we stuck for almost 4.5 hrs on the plane with passengers, we were stuck with some of the most demanding passengers I’ve ever flown with. That stupid flight attendant call button rang more times on that one flight yesterday that it has in my entire career as a flight attendant. And it usually went like this – I get up and walk to the seat where the light is on and the same little girl that rang it two minutes ago hands me her empty cup. Then two minutes later hands me her napkin, then her soda can, then the scrap of napkin she found on the floor… you get it. I wanted to slap her silly. But at least I was making money. Such a nice change from the slavery that is ASA’s reserve program. (I wonder if I’m allowed to type such slanderous things on here.)

I still have whatever was making me feel rotten the other day. This whole sneezing thing is getting really old. My apartment is so quiet. Amie is gone for a few days and Tanya is at work. It’s raining outside which sounds quite lovely and has brought the hideous July temperatures down.

Because of the rain (and my sickness and laziness) I slept til noon. I had some of the weirdest dreams ever. I think Ashton Kutcher was in one of them. I won’t even begin to tell them. There were three major ones that I remember (they happened in between the three times the phone woke me up) and the further I go into wakefulness the more they run together. I seem to have dreams a lot that I still live at my parents house. It’s so strange since I’ve only lived there for about 6 months in the last 7 years.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with this lovely day off. Right now my mind and body are in veg mode but I suppose at some point I need to put all the clean clothes away in my room, look for a car, and other fun stuff like that. I feel like my blogs lately have been really boring, but my life hasn’t been that interesting either so what can I expect?

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