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Pre-nap wind down

July 4, 2006

Once again, it’s unwind time. Right now I’m so tired I’m not sure what I’m thinking. Or at least not what order to put everything in. I love being in my bed. It feels so nice. I think I want to get one of those down things that you put over your mattress to make it softer. The bed I spent 2 hours and 30 minutes in this morning felt like it had one and it was sooo nice. It was almost torturous to sleep in it, knowing I had to get up so soon. I slept with all my clothes on except my dress and shoes. Ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous though is that my captain didn’t sleep at all. She said she started watching some movie and next thing she knew the phone was ringing with the wake up call. She’s crazy though. The other FA thinks she might be on Adderall, since she is very skinny and extremely energetic. We were supposed to leave for Detroit last night at 9:39 and didn’t end up leaving until 11:30 which put us there after 1 and at our hotel around 2. We had gotten almost all the passengers on board and the other FA commented “at least we’re getting out of here on time since our overnight is so short (it’s was at 6.5 hrs then). Not more than a minute later a mechanic came up and told us that the right engine was leaking fuel and we had to deplane… Good times. I was hoping they would cancel but my flights never get canceled. This all happens after I’ve given myself the “naps aren’t so bad” pep talk yesterday afternoon. The only way I got up this morning was to keep telling myself that at least I got to go home and sleep. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight but picked up a trip tomorrow so I won’t get to sleep late. As long as it’s past 4:40 though I can deal with it. Thursday morning I’m sleeping as late as I want though.

In Detroit they have a lot of moving sidewalks and each one has a yellow line down the middle of it. On the right side it says STAND and on the left it says WALK. I want to know how stupid a person has to be to stand on the left side and not even notice when people are having to weave their way around them every two seconds??? Naps seem to reinforce people’s stupidity in my mind. The fact that I’m usually exhausted only amplifies every stupid thing they do and makes me imagine doing evil things to them :-P. Another thing that passengers do that pisses me off is to 1. ask me if I can call and get them to hold the flight or 2. complain to me about whatever it is on the other end of the flight that their late for or will miss. I’m just like I have no control over the departure and arrival of flights. I’m not a mechanic. I’m not a gate agent. I don’t have any way of calling anyone from the airplane. I don’t have anything to do with hotels or connections. And on top of all that, when we get there tonight and you go home and go to sleep I’m going to have to be back here in 3 hours to fly back. So there. Last night when we were deplaning everyone this lady came by and was like we have a bus that is supposed to drive us to Grand Rapids that we rented for $1000. What’s going to happen with that? So I said “how am I supposed to know, you big idiot?”, slapped her, and threw her down the airplane stairs. haha… Oh wait, that’s what happened in my head. Am I being a jerk to think this way. Is it not common sense that flight attendants don’t know about stuff like that?

When I get home in the morning from these things I feel like I’ve been gone forever. But then I realize that depending on when my roommates may have gone to sleep I could have gone to work and come back before they even realized I was gone. I’m tired and my nose is stopped up. I can’t tell if I’m getting a cold or if there’s something in the air I’m allergic to. I’ve been sneezing my brains out for three days.

Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you have a great day and stop at some point to appreciate what a great country we live in.

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