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work, cars, and planes… super exciting

July 3, 2006

This is my post-work unwind. I just got home from my second nap of my line. Some guy is downstairs doing whatever adjusters do to cars when they’ve been wrecked. They don’t adjust them do they? So I’m waiting for him and my laundry to be finished so I can go to sleep. It seems like I haven’t written in forever. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Just haven’t had much to say I guess (shocking, I know).

Back to my line. Saturday night was the first nap of the month. The other flight attendant wasn’t the one I was going to be flying with for the whole month and neither was the captain, so when I got there last night I was a little scared to see who I was going to be spending the rest of the month with. Our captain is a lady and I was hearing like she was the devil in pilot form. The flight attendant I flew with the first night nearly drove me insane. It’s too much to type but she just did all this really petty stuff, complained about everything, talked bad about everyone – all in a very heavy Boston accent. She had the personality that just grated on people’s nerves, including the passengers. Thankfully my real crew is cool. The flight attendant and I seem to be a great match. He loves doing announcements, hates doing the demo, and likes sitting in the back jumpseat. I’m pretty much the opposite. I don’t love doing the demo but if it means I don’t have to do any announcements for the next month it suits me fine. He also has almost the exact same hairstyle as me :-P. It looks way better on me though (obviously ). Anyway… I woke up at 4:15 yesterday morning, and even after getting almost 6 hrs of sleep, thought to myself – there is no way I can do this all month. I looked at my schedule and I can swap trips out but I’ll end up being gone so much and working all the time, for nearly the same money. I’m not going to try to explain it. Just trust me. So I figured I need to find a way to enjoy them. Well maybe not enjoy them but at least not hate life every morning when I’m getting up at some ridiculous hour. I’ve come up with some reasons why naps are good things and I should be glad I’m doing them.
1. I’m home every day during the day.
2. I will work 14 nights this month and be off the rest of the time.
3. I won’t be working during the heat of the day. It’s hard to stay professional looking when you are sweating to death and I get sick a lot when the planes are too hot. Won’t have to drive in the heat either.
4. Get to avoid summer mid-afternoon thunderstorms that can ruin your entire day’s schedule.
5. Passengers are usually asleep or more relaxed late at night and early in the morning so they don’t give you as much grief.
6. I only have to cross seatbelts once.
7. People that get you in trouble, compliance check people, FAA inspectors, other flight attendants, can’t be bothered to stay up that late or get up that early. (Not that I do anything to get in trouble for, but I still try to stay under the radar.)
Just to name a few reasons. So I just need to keep reminding myself of that when it’s 4 something in the morning, I’ve only been asleep 3 hours and I have to get up again. Last night we overnighted in Detroit. The walk from the gate to the hotel van is supposedly 1.25 miles. It’s ridiculous. I feel like it’s the biggest, or most spread out, airport I’ve ever been in. Thankfully we only have to do it one more time (tonight) and then we’re finished with Detroit for the month.

Enough boring work stuff. On a not so great note, I have to buy a new car. I’m happy to get another car but not looking forward to having car payments again. I took my car in to the shop the other day cause it’s been running bad for a while, and they told me it will cost me more than I paid for it to get it fixed. They offered a temporary fix for around $800 but said I’d probably only get another year out of it. I don’t like that car enough to put any more money in it. I want a car where I can use the air conditioner. One that doesn’t leak or burn oil. One that has a functioning speedometer. One with two side mirrors. Four windows that roll down (power windows). I don’t think these things are too much to ask. I’ll be looking for another newer Civic. I’m not looking forward to the searching process, but I will be happy to have a nicer, more reliable car.

One more thing before I hang my clothes up to dry and go to sleep. I saw one of the biggest airplanes in the world yesterday. I was out at our pool yesterday with one of my friends and we were trying to identify the planes flying over. It was late afternoon so all the big ones were heading to Europe and other such places. This one plane flew over that neither of us recognized. It was enormous. He guessed it was Russian but we couldn’t even see the tail markings. When I got to work last night it was sitting over by the cargo planes and was in fact a Russian cargo plane. I’m going to see if I can find a picture of it to show how big it was. It dwarfed all the other cargo planes around it. And that’s about enough of being a nerd. Those of you who care about planes will appreciate how I feel.

It’s nap time.

PS. That guy appraises, not adjusts, cars. It’s good to be informed.

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