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party time.

June 28, 2006

So today is a day that I have looked forward to for almost a year now. I’ve hoped for it. Survived long days, long nights, and long trips because of it. I’ve endured early morning calls, late night calls, “Grace, you’re extended for 3 days” calls to get to it. It has been the thing that holds my tongue when I want to tell scheduling where to go.

It’s my last day of reserve. About 2 hours ago I made my last (at least for a month) call to be released from my last (at least for a month) reserve trip. This morning my heart went into panic mode at being woken up to Beethoven’s Fifth (scheduling’s ringtone) for the last time (at least for a month). I said goodbye to two of my less fortunate classmates who didn’t get lines next month. One did the same round trip as me today and got extended tonight. The other was waiting to do a nap.

I am now a free woman and I’m celebrating it in style. I came home from work and got ready to go to the pool by myself. Mysteriously, my beach towel was soaking wet as was my pool skirt. I went out to the pool and talked to two little girls from Uruguay until their mom made them go inside. We talked about foods we liked and the little one loves macaroni and cheese so I came inside craving some and am now dining on easy mac. I don’t have any of the boxed or real stuff, which is fine since I don’t have milk or cheese.I had some vegetables once upon a time but they seem to be gone. So basically, the day I’ve looked forward to for a year is here and nearly gone. And so is my easy mac. It’s okay. It wasn’t that good anyway. At least the kids on the Breakfast Club are sorting their lives out together.

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