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productivity is overrated

June 25, 2006

Two blogs in one afternoon… You were warned. I’m pretty much that bored. I’m watching Forrest Gump and it’s funny cause there are so many more things that I pick up on now as opposed to the first time I watched it. It’s even better than I remembered.

I deadheaded to XNA last night and rode next to a guy on his way home from business in Italy. He started asking me what things bugged flight attendants so he could be a better passenger. I’m a fairly laid back flight attendant so in general not many things bother me. (Of course every now and then everything bothers me.) It got me thinking though.. I hate when you ask them if they would like peanuts, cookies, or crackers, and they say, do you have pretzels?? I’m like, don’t you think I would have mentioned them if I had them?? Idiot. Or when people get on with all their bags and are like, well it fit in the overhead on the last plane. This is usually their second sentence. Their first one being “Oh my goodness! This plane is so tiny!!” Oh yeah, and when people put their trash on their tray table and when you come by with the trash bag they look at you, then at their trash, then back at you again. I’m like, do you really think I want to touch your disgusting trash? Especially after you put your mouth all over your cup? Can I PLEASE have your diseases? I am there to serve people but I’m not their freaking slave.

I’m going to finish this now so I can spend some quality time watching tv with my roommates. I’m also very hungry so that is the next main item on my agenda.

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