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muddy worms and confused flies

June 25, 2006

PS. I’ve edited and added stuff to this like 4 times. I’m finished now.

I just got back from spending the second Saturday night in a row in Fayetteville, AR with my brother and his girlfriend. It’s been so excellent because I haven’t been able to get any weekends off to visit him and these past two weekends work has sent me out there. He just had his second interview with a company in China and if all goes as he hopes he’ll be moving there within the next few months. That makes getting to visit him even better cause if he moves it’ll take a little more than a 1:20 flight to see him. Israel picked me up from the aiport last night and took me to his house. Then Israel, Toni (his girlfriend), Stephen (Chinese guy that lives in his downstairs), and I went up to Mt. Sequoia to watch the sunset. It was such a nice evening. Sky was beautiful. Then we went home and Israel, Toni and I cooked some authentic Chinese food. Israel is really hard core about this China stuff. It was fish with sauce and looked like worms in mud but actually tasted really good. They use this black fungus in foods (the worms) which were interesting. It was fun to hang out with them. We haven’t lived in the same state since 1997 (wow, I never realized that) so visits like these are really nice. Last night before they took me to my hotel Israel insisted he make me a sandwich to eat today. Let me tell you, that boy doesn’t do anything halfway. He put lettuce (not iceberg, tomato, cheese (real cheese – not processed), sprouts, purple onions, mustard, and mayo, all on lovely wheat – and was complaining cause he didn’t have any meat to put on it. I’m like this is a hundred times better than any sandwich I’d make for myself. After I got released today I was riding the bus home and got the sandwich out to eat it. The girl opposite me on the bus looked like she was sleeping. As we finally got to the parking lot she woke up, looked at me and said “that looked like a really great sandwich.” It made me laugh. I’m not sure why, and after typing all this it seems kind of pointless but oh well. I have to make sure I tell Israel that his sandwich was lusted after.

There was a fly that got on the plane in AR and I couldn’t get it to leave. I wonder how confused it was when it got off the plane here in Atlanta. I wonder if it even realizes the difference. It seems pretty obvious to us but I’m not sure how perceptive flies are (especially arKansan ones).

I’ve had so many random thoughts and things happen lately and am trying to remember them. I think I’ll go put the rest of my laundry away and blog more later.

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