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Note to self…

June 20, 2006

Anything that seems too good to be true probably is too good to be true. I just got off work and I’m sooo tired. I spent about 7 hrs in flight today and I wanted to kill myself #1 from tiredness and #2 from boredom. I’m sick of doing sudoku puzzles, sick of the newspaper, and sick of the books I brought. I’m also hungry and did I mention tired?

So my good buddies in Lex talked me into going up there tonight. I get back from Podunk Nowhere, MI and see that the flight to Lex is still boarding, but it’s over at B19 and I’m at C23. I figure I should make a run for it on the off chance I make it then I won’t have to wait another 1.5 hrs for the next one. I get to the gate as they’re pushing it back… Ugh #1.

Then I come all the way back over to D (mind you, my luggage is super heavy and I’m sick of pulling it around for 4 days). I’ve got time to kill so I decide to look at my beautiful line once again. I’m so happy to have it and have been telling everyone. I saw my instructor from training this morning and was like, I’m still afraid something is going to happen cause whenever scheduling gives me a good trip, I check back an hour or a day later and it’s gone. Without fail. She’s like no, you’ve got this one. Famous last words… I check and my schedule has gone from beautiful 2-days to NAPS!!! And these are the disgusting naps. The ridiculously long ones. Now I’m the last person of the people who got lines, so who knows, I might check back tomorrow and not have one at all. And all my excitement and rejoicing will have been in vain.

And in case that isn’t enough to get me down I look at the flight at 5:40 to Lex and it’s full… There is a slim chance and I figure since I’ve already waited this long I might as well wait another 40 min. I seriously wanted to cry. Talk about the emotional roller coaster. If you want to ride get a ticket here cause evidently I’m running it (or it’s running me). I need food and sleep. Life sucks sometimes.

Peter, our club is still on and I’m still in it.

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