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Just a little something for the pain

June 18, 2006

Greetings from northwest Arkansas. I can’t ever say Arkansas without saying again (sometimes only to myself) arKansas. I’m a dork. I know. I have come to accept it and so must you. I’m also a scatterbrain dork, or so it seems. Israel and his girlfriend, Toni, picked me up from the aiport last night and I put all my stuff in his car. We went to his house so I could change, then went to eat. Then we went back to his house, put his bike in the car (therefore rearranged my stuff) and then brought me to the hotel. Since I’m not used to carrying a lunchbox I totally forgot about mine, and all the food in it. I’m not having such good luck with packing food for my trips. Last week I made some sandwiches and promptly left them in the refrigerator. So frustrating cause I’m trying to save money. We even talked about it on the way to the hotel – the fact that I had packed food. When I work I get used to carrying certain things with me at all times. It starts to feel weird if you get off an airplane and don’t have X on your arm or around your neck. So when I add a new piece of gear to the mess, it gets totally forgotten.

I just watched Brazil beat Australia. I know a particular man who is probably crying right now over the loss.

So far this trip has been uneventful. Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave everything was going great. I had left myself plenty of time, gotten dressed early, etc… I put on my brand new thigh highs that I had bought the day before. They’re so much easier to work in than hose, so I was really excited about wearing them. I finished packing my suitcase and turned it on its side. As I did this it hit my knee and put a huge hole in my thigh highs. Argggg!!! Talk about annoyed. This meant I had to find something else to wear so I wasted a bunch of time trying on other pairs of hose until I found the least comfortable one, but the only one without runs. I was afraid that that was going to set the tone for my trip but so far so good. I always get freaked out when I’m in other time zones cause like today, I have to be downstairs at 2:30 and right now my watch and computer say 2:11pm. My heart goes in panic and then I realize that’s EST and I’m an hour behind. The only remotely interesting thing that has happened so far (work-wise) is that yesterday I was sitting outside the airport waiting for Israel to get me and there was a car parked right in front of me. The passenger door was open and a man was sitting in there. He kept looking at me but I was talking on the phone and trying my best to ignore him. Next thing I know I look over at him and he’s got his phone held up, pointed in my direction, but a little lower than obvious height. He put it down when I looked over and this was repeated several times. I was like what the heck dude??? I mean, I know I am the hottest woman ever, but isn’t it rude to take pictures of people you don’t know? That’s a pretty random story, and probably not worth writing about, but my life is that boring at the moment.

One of the things I hate the most about the end of a relationship, is that each of your lives go on, and you find out things way after the fact. It sucks to go from being part of the planning and dreaming, to just finding things out randomly. Blah… Thoughts must not wander in that direction.

I should probably go shower since I have to be downstairs in 4 minutes… Oh wait, I mean and hour and 4 minutes. 😛

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