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The voices in my head are singing to me

June 15, 2006

I’m really enjoying the quest for new music. I spent some time at my family’s house today and Peter and I went through the music both of us have put on their comp. We put together a kind of random cd of music that is best enjoyed when played at an extremely high volume.

I’ve realized what a huge affect music has on my mood, and in realizing this I have to choose the music I want to listen to on any given day, or period in my life, according to how I want to feel after I listen to it. I think one reason I like ghetto music is because there is so little emotion in it. To me it’s just good beats that get your blood pumping and your booty shaking. Matchbox 20 has been one of my favorite bands for a really long time but it seems that I get really depressed when I listen to it lately. I’m all about music that you can be angry with but I think all of their songs just talk about relationships ending (or maybe that’s just what I notice these days.) Lately I also struggle with chill music, music I normally love like Jack Johnson, because I don’t need to listen to something that makes me think more. I want to listen to something that is going to distract me. Something that will take me to a different place than I currently am. Make me feel an emotion other than my current one. I also don’t feel like listening to people talk about how happy they are in love or whatever. Call me bitter. Whatever you want. I just don’t feel like it right now. I’m noticing that in general I don’t like female singers (or maybe it’s just the ones my age and younger). I’m so tired of hearing them sing about how someone has ruined her life and made her afraid of everything. It makes me want to slap them for letting someone have that much power over them. I’m also tired of all these bands like Nickleback that are always yelling about something and all their songs are exactly the same. I know I’m generalizing here, but it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want. I sound like such a music grouch right now. Doesn’t help that I’ve had a headache since this afternoon and two ibuprofin haven’t even put a dent in it. I’m really much more cheerful than I sound.

I like this Anastacia chick. Maybe just because she hasn’t been killed by the radio. Alice Cooper’s Poison also rocks my face off. “I wanna love you but I better not touch (don’t touch), I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop, I want to kiss you but I want it too much (too much), I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison, You’re poison running through my veins”. Now THAT’S a love song for you ;-). This Crazy song – I remember when I lost my mind, there was something so pleasant about that place… Does that make me crazy???? It’s fantastic. I like Queen because for one, there’s so much variety in each song, it’s not just rocking guitars the whole way or something, and for two, because a lot of them are just silly. I mean, how can you feel bad after listening to the Bicylce Song? You can’t. It’s even got bicycle bells ringing in it.

Before anyone starts criticizing or correcting, I make no claims to be musically educated or to even have a broad musical view. I’m still learning. These are just my little opinions about what little I’ve listened to. I think I need to take my headache to bed.

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