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Shower drops on my shoulders make me happy

June 11, 2006

Van Morrison on an overcast day… I’m just asking to be depressed aren’t I? 😛

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy showers. I was just thinking how they’re probably one of my favorite things. Sometimes it’s even nice to let yourself get a little dirtier than usual, just so you can really feel the good goodness of being clean. There’s nothing quite like a hot shower to wash off all the grease and grime of life. Nothing like standing in the shower and listening to loud music. Talk about multitasking. You can sing, scrub, shave, and think all at the same time. It’s one of my most enjoyable solitary times. It’s a great place to cry if you need to. No need to dry tears up or worry about someone seeing you. After the shower is over you’ll look as good as new and most probably feel as good as new. Some people like baths for relaxing but I never feel clean afterwards, unless I take a shower and by the time I’ve taken a bath I usually feel so tired and I can’t bother to shower. In my opinion, sitting in a shower is more relaxing than sitting in a bath. Something about the running water, constant cleaness… Who knows. Maybe it has something to do with how much I like the rain. I don’t know if it’s normal to sit in a shower, but when I’m all by myself in the shower social norms aren’t really my biggest concern. Good times. I’m quite picky about showers as well. Nothing like a shower with no water pressure. Or the water going cold mid-shower. A cold shower is nice in the summer sometimes but it needs to be a self imposed cold shower. I can’t think of anything worse than starting off your day with a miserable cold shower. Showers help me clean my body and clear my head. I recommend them highly. I never really feel like my day has begun until I’ve had one.

We left rainy Spokane early, early this morning and are now in gloomy St. Lous. Tanya called me to say she is going out to the pool and Peter wrote and said it’s 96 down there. I wish I was there. It’s good for me to be gone though. As week of silence is a long time so it’s good to keep my mind occupied with other things. My crew is a lot of fun. The other flight attendant is really cool and the pilots are silly men/boys.

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