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I love Georgia blue skies and sunshine

June 8, 2006

Coming home is a funny thing. Sometimes I go away and it seems like I’ve been gone forever. I expect things to have changed when I come back. Expect things to be different. Expect to be missed… and then I realize that I’ve only been gone for 2 days or something silly like that.

Avoidance techniques are another funny thing. Have you ever realized that our avoidance technique one day can be what we’re avoiding the next day. I remember when I was in college sometimes I would clean the house just to avoid studying. We put ourselves through all kinds of things emotionally and physically to avoid whatever that other thing is. Travel is sometimes my avoidance technique. Sometimes sleep. That one works less and less these days because then I dream about things. Sometimes writing is an a.t. but it usually ends up helping me sort through whatever I’m trying to avoid. Right now I’m avoiding cleaning my room and doing laundry. I wish I was one of those people that exercises to avoid things or something really constructive like that.
I just experienced a distraction, which has the same end result as an avoidance technique but isn’t intentional. I heard a voice on a loudspeaker outside so I went out and lo and behold there were some lovely firefighters prancing around my building. They weren’t exactly prancing, but anyway.
This morning when I was sitting in the airport in Portland at 5:30am waiting for my flight everyone heard a strange noise. We looked over and this guy was sitting there, very business man looking, with his earphones in, eyes closed, and he was singing. It was so funny. Everyone around started laughing and watching him. He wasn’t full on singing either. It was the kind of singing you do when you’re wearing headphones and can’t hear yourself. We were contemplating clapping when he finished but we started boarding so that woke him up. I don’t think a single day goes by that I’m at the aiport that I don’t see something a little strange.

I had a really nice visit with Amy and Shane. (I have to say that cause I found out that even though they don’t leave messages they read my blog :-P… I wonder who else does that???) It seems that all my close friends have been really fortunate and married great guys who fit well into our friendships. I guess instead of fitting into they actually expand our friendships which is even better. I hung out with Amy Tuesday night when I got up there cause Shane was working. Then yesterday the three of us drove to Boston where we were planning on being tourists until Adri drove in last night. Then we were going to meet for dinner. Turns out, Boston isn’t such a great place to see in the rain, especially pouring down rain. We walked around for hours, getting soaked, then going inside somewhere long enough to dry a little. It was ridiculously cold and was starting to throw my season sense off. It felt like February in Georgia. We were given so many wrong directions which made it all that much more frustrating. We finally did meet up with Adri and her friend Carol and ate. It was really neat to think where we had all come from, all to meet in Boston and eat dinner together.

Well enough avoiding. I have to do laundry, clean my room, and get ready for my trip tomorrow. As of right now I’ll be in San Antonio tomorrow, Spokane, WA Saturday, and St. Louis on Sunday. Woo hoo. I’m kind of excited. I hope my crew doesn’t suck. Anyone live in or near any of those places? I got to my car this morning and found out that it almost got towed yesterday. Everyone parks along the edge of the parking lot and has as long as I’ve been there and evidently the other day they decided to enforce the yellow curb. Some guy was standing there and they ran out of tow trucks yesterday or mine would have been next!! I’m so relieved they didn’t. That’s the last thing I need right now. Now it’s got one of those stupid stickers on the window that are impossibly to peel off. Oh well. At least it’s better than having to pay a fine AND get the sticker off.

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