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Miracles do happen

June 4, 2006

Finally sitting on my own couch, watching tv (Top Gun to be exact), watching Tanya do homework (sucks to be her), and loving life.
I just spent almost 2 hours walking up and down the side of Hwy 34 in Newnan looking for my cell phone. Dumbass me stops to get gas and leaves it on the roof of the car. As I drive down the road I see something go past the back windshield and realize I don’t know where my phone is. Half of everyone I know walked up and down the road searching everywhere and finally after everyone except my mom, dad, T and I leave, I give up and go back to my car and my dad found it. It was still in one piece, still working. I had been praying so hard because first, I can’t afford to buy a new phone, and second, I can’t go without a phone for even a few hours because I’m always on call. So God answered our prayers. So many people I knew stopped by to see if everything was ok and I know a lot of people were praying. It just proves that God cares about the little things. I had walked by the spot where my dad found it at least 3 times and so had several other people. So I’m thankful for that.
Onto other randomness… I’ve worked crazy weird stuff for the last 3 nights. Friday night we had a bad storm here in ATL and the ramp was closed. So many planes were diverted. Long story short, our flight that was supposed to leave at 9:05pm left at 12:15am. We arrived at our hotel in Albany, NY at 2:30am and had to leave at 5am to deadhead home. I’ve been getting my sleep in chunks lately. I’m looking forward to an entire night of uninterrupted sleep in my own bed. Last night I deadheaded to Lexington. My favorite pilot was flying and his captain announced to the entire plane that they had a special flight attendant riding on the flight. Said she (I) had just gotten off maternity leave from having triplets and wasn’t it amazing how good I looked??? Everyone was looking at me and saying Wow!! This morning I had an old guy get on the plane. He had a gray beard that was parted in the middle of his chin and brushed back towards his ears. Just the weird people I see on my flights make my job worth doing.
Today I was reminded of how good change can be. I was reminded how something that can seem like the worst thing at the time can actually be the best thing ever. I’m so glad for some of the changes that have taken place over the last few years. Though my life is in no way perfect, I can’t help but think how miserable I would be if certain changes hadn’t taken place. I can’t get over how happy I am for that. Especially when I’m reminded of the way things used to be..
There’s more stuff to write about but I’m blathered on enough and I’m missing the movie.

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