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Back to life, back to reality

May 15, 2006

I’m so not thrilled about this whole back to the real world thing. I just had one of the most pleasant weeks of my life and it’s over in more ways than just the obvious and it really sucks. It was so nice to have your biggest worry be whether to go to the beach or the pool. Should I wear spf 6 or 8? It was a tough life. No cell phones, no computers, no staying up later than you felt like or getting up earlier than desired. No phone calls from scheduling, or from anyone actually. And it seems that scheduling hates me for going on vacation and thinks I should suffer for it. I have to leave for work in about 45 min. They called me a ton of times this morning and evidently my voicemail isn’t working. They put me as unavailable on reserve cause I don’t answer unless they leave me a message. Thankfully I woke up and checked my schedule online and called them back.

I need something serious to get me out of this funk. Other than the fact that my job got me to Costa Rica just now for free, I hate it. I’m so sick of being on reserve. So sick of being broke. Sick of having no control over my schedule. I have two things coming up the week after this one that are of utmost importance to me and I’m supposed to be working both days, and they won’t help me out at all. I need to stop complaining and go get dressed for work. ugh. When my phone started ringing this morning I was dreaming that I was still in Costa Rica and wondered how I had gotten service down there. Watch out passengers! I’m in a super-post-vacation-funk. I want to go back to bed and wake up and things be perfect again.

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