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To nap, or not to nap. That is a very tough question.

May 2, 2006

I’m finally home. I haven’t been gone that long but it seems like forever. I haven’t even been working that much and I’m exhausted. I have been getting up really early though. I guess the staying up late this weekend to start off my trip didn’t help anything. I felt more rested this morning but after the flight I drove to Fayetteville to get my car alligned (one or two Ls?). I sat there long enough to get tired again, or for the morning adrenaline to wear off.

This morning was so frustrating. I turned the water on in the shower. Pushed it in the direction of the arrow with the H. After waiting more than 5 minutes it was still freezing cold. I was going to be late for the van and wasn’t about to take a cold shower but wasn’t about to go without one. I checked the sink to make there was hot water period and after finding out there was I called the front desk. She didn’t know what to tell me. So finally now, with 20 minutes til I’m supposed to be out the door I push the handle almost to the off position. It didn’t seem as cold and finally got hot. So the freaking handle in the shower was backwards. Then after I got out of the shower and was running around trying to get dressed I couldn’t find my bra. The place we stayed in was the size of a one bedroom apartment so I was running back and forth checking everywhere. I was trying to imagine that one – calling my captain and saying sorry, I can’t go. I can’t find my bra. I eventually found it (obviously, since I’m not still in PA). The hotel was so nice. It’s a shame to have all that space to yourself. There were some table out behind it and we sat out for a while last night looking across the valley. Our captain has been with ASA for 16 years and the FO had only been there about 7 months. I ate too much and went to sleep early. The hotel put bath & body works stuff in our bathrooms which was really nice.

I got two new uniform shirts today. They are actually really nice shirts and it makes me happy. I can at least look a little more presentable. I also got a tie the other day from the bride’s brother at the wedding on Saturday. That pretty much made my day. It’s pink and white (which is why he was more than happy to give it away). It’s funny the little things that can just make all the difference in your day – good and bad. I had to get my brakes fixed, oil changed, and car aligned (I just checked. It’s just one L). I also found out I have to get the other CV boot replaced. It’s all going to be around $500, which absolutely rocks my face off…. ugh. That’s one of those things that has a tendency to bring your day down. Maybe that’s why I got tired again. I should go take a nap.

I’ve also got to figure out how I’m going to get off for the wedding I’ll be in at the end of this month. I called them to get my off days switched and found out it’s a holiday weekend which pretty much means they wont’ give me off. I don’t know what I’ll do though. Makes me more tired just thinking about it…

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