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dreams of cats

May 2, 2006

I’ve had two bad dreams lately regarding my family and the house we live in (even though I don’t really live with them anymore). I took a long nap and don’t feel any better. I don’t know what to do.

In my dream we lived in this huge house. I feel like this guy that l lived in the same house as in England lived there, and I think Angela did too (even though she’s married now – go figure). I needed to move rooms or something and there was this big problem until I remembered about this huge suite on the second floor that noone used. It was massive with it’s own living room and huge bathroom. The only thing was one of my siblings or Angela kept their cat in there. I said why don’t we close off the one room and I’ll just have the bathroom and bedroom but noone seemed interested. We went in there, my mom and sibs and I and the cat had had kittens so there were medium sized little kittens, few months old probably, and tiny ones, few weeks maybe. They and their mother would attack everyone who came near them, but noone except me seemed to have a problem with. Everyone else just picked them up using towels and stuff. It was one of those dreams where I’m so upset, I would yell if I could, but noone seems to care.

No wonder I feel worse now.

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