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The sun’ll come out tomorrow (I hope)

April 26, 2006

I don’t like this weather. It’s really sad how directly connected my mood and the weather are. I should feel great right now cause I got a few things done this morning, but alas, it’s gray and rainy outside and I feel gray and rainy inside. I was going to play tennis today as well. I slept really late today as well which bugs me. I’ve been having sleeping issues though. Blah.

I hate spending money but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. You know buying food and such other frivolities. The other day I went shopping for a new swimming suit and ended up buying 3 of them because I couldn’t decide which one looked best on me. So after much consultation, I decided which one I wanted and Roomie T wants one of the others, so I took the other one back this morning. While I’m in there I decided to have a wander through the shoes and I found a pair of really cute brown sandals. They were only $11 and I have been looking for some for a while so I got them. So I do my smart thing of taking the suit back but end up spending most of the money on something else. Also found out my rotars are warped so I have to get that taken care of on Friday. More money down the drain. Not that it matters cause I’m a big baller with lamborghini doors on my escalade. That’s why I just had tuna and crackers for lunch. I had some stuff to mail and a work shirt to return that was the wrong size. I finally find a place to get envelopes and mail stuff and as I’m walking in the store I see that there is a spot on the shirt from where some stupid teenage boys were goofing off and threw orange drink everywhere. So now I have to go home, wash the spot out, then mail it another day. Wasted trip. I’m such a complainer. More frustrated I guess. I also kept going the wrong way, or just not the best way, when I was trying to get stuff done. I don’t know why that bugs me so much but I like to be efficient about this and not be driving all over the place, spending more time and gas than necessary. I think it’s also part of my man side that gets irritated about not where I’m going.

I have to do a nap tonight which I’m way thrilled about. That means I don’t get to play volleyball. I shouldn’t be complaining though cause I haven’t had to work since Sunday. But it’s rainy outside so I’m going to complain anyway. The nice thing about not working is that I got to see one of my friends who is in town. Yay! She rocks my face off.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say. I need to shower but was hoping to exercise so I’ve been putting it off. Need to clean my room. I shoved everything in piles last night when my friend spent the night. Guess I should get to it. I need to go cross all the things I’ve gotten done off my list and hopefully that will make me feel better. The price of gas these days is also depressing me. I need to be happy cause I have a car, a job, a new swimming suit, a full stomach, hair to wash, friends to spend time with, stories to write about… You get it, and I think I do too.

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