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hairy armpits and avocados.. mmm

April 22, 2006

I just got home from work and it was such a jolly good day. Started off a bit rough cause I didn’t get up when I was supposed to (even though i had been waking up since 7something). I did a Portland, Maine round trip and had such nice people going both ways. On the way up there were a ton of kids, including identical twin girls with the biggest, brownest eyes ever. I love brown eyes. Blue eyes are pretty but there is just something I adore about brown ones. Two kids were fighting for the first 20 minutes of the flight, which included a great deal of yelling and shrieking. This is always a touchy situation cause I know parent’s are embarrassed (ones with common decency are anyway) and other passengers are annoyed. I never know if I should try to say something to the kids or if they parents will get pissed off. I finally went up to them and told them that fighting wasn’t allowed on the plane. That including tickling and kicking. Calmed them down for at least 5 minutes.

On the way back I had all kinds of fun people. They were cracking jokes during my announcements, which doesn’t bother me. At least I know they’re fun. Then, mid-announcement, I watch as the lady in the front row raises her arm to adjust the air vent. As she does this I can see what appears to be a lifetime’s worth of growth under her arm. I was so in shock and was very thankful that I don’t have to think while I do my announcements anymore because my thoughts were far, far from seatbelts and oxygen masks. I was doing all I could to keep from laughing and noone really knew why. Good times. I noticed later she had the leg hair to match, and was breast feeding her daughter who was almost a year and a half. The daughter was adorable and reminded me so much of Olive, the little girl I took care of in Spain. She was a beautiful blue-eyed blond, with dimples and a great personality. She kept everyone entertained.

There was also a group of middle age people who were giving me the usual “the gate agent told me you were serving filet mignon and free drinks”. Then they were making bets as to where I was from. One thought I was from Cincinatti and the other guessed upstate NY. They couldn’t believe I was from ATL. Had the same conversation with another couple. I’m not sure why but I’m so glad I don’t sound southern. The next time I went through they asked me how old I was. They had bet on this question as well. I couldn’t believe it though when they started making their guesses. It made me promise myself to never get upset when I get carded or someone thinks I’m young again. The two men each thought I was 28 and 32 and the lady guessed correctly!!! I was blown away. People don’t usually even guess close to my age, much less guess older than I am. It nearly ruined my day.

Last night I went with my friend, who I visited while she was living in Bosnia, to a Bosnian restaurant here in Atlanta. It was really funny. We got there around 7 and were the only customers there. It was very similar to Bosnia in that there were no menus, it was kind of this is what you get. We had cevapi, which I had while I was in Sarajevo. It was the only thing available, but was really good. They said they were supposed to have other stuff but the truck had never arrived. The guy that was serving us didn’t really work there either. They told us there were supposed to be singers there but they didnt’ know where they were either. This is all typical to Bosnia. Everyone was friendly and a few more people showed up but we only stayed til about 9. They supposedly have a disco there later, which I would have really liked to see, but maybe next time.

Also went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market yesterday with J. I’ve been trying to get him to go for months cause he likes all kinds of foods and cultures. We mainly browsed. I got a few things including fresh baked french bread and avocados which we ended up eating together on the way home. Best avo I’ve had in months and months. I think I might have another now. Waiting for my crazy roomie to get home. See what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into tonight.

Currently reading : Black Like Me By John Howard Griffin

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