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crazy eyes

April 21, 2006

The other day as I was trying to go to sleep I experienced something really bizarre. You know how you have the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep? Have you ever watched someone sleep and seen their eyes moving under their lids? I was almost all the way asleep but evidently just awake enough to realize that my eyes were moving rapidly about. It was the weirdest thing cause my mind started focusing on my eye movement but evidently not enough to wake up eyes up and make them stop. It started driving me crazy. I was so tired and I just wanted to shut my eyes so they would hold still and I could sleep but they were already shut. That would be torture for me not to be able to shut my eyes and sleep ever. I guess somewhere in the vagueness of semi-sleep land either my mind shut off or my eyes stopped twitching and I slept but it was a really weird feeling. I think my mind and body aren’t in agreement on sleep half the time. I’ve just never been this aware of it.

Today is my last day off and I’m determined to enjoy it. Sounds like I’ll be doing all sorts of cultural things today. I’ll let you know if they do, in fact, take place.

Saw my baby sister play her violin last night. They sounded so good and she is so pretty. I love her. I love all my family. They’re the best ever. I’m so blessed. If anyone needs a family I’d be more than happy to share.

This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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